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Going back to volleyball after sprain?

Ok so last monday i sprained my ankle at volleyball practice. & I've rested it this 3 day weekend and havnt practiced for about a week. My doctor said i can go back playing tommorrow. How should I go about it Should I take it really easy & not work so hard? OR should I take it easy at the begining and slowly progress? Any advice would be appreciated!

Pleasee&Thanks! :D.

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    iv sprain my acle as well its not fun if i were u i would not play for about 2 or 3 more days especially if u hurt it again u may have a lifetime injury if u want to play just dont push urself if it hurts telll ur coach and go put ice on it

    hope this helps

    _ jill

  • i would definitely take it easy at first. i sprained my ankle at vball practice and i didnt rest it very well. i went right back into practice as usual without taking it easy. its been more than a year and a half and my ankle still hurts every once in awhile when i work out. i definitely regret not easing it back in and properly resting it. i suggest an ankle brace too for the support

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    First, get an ankle brace. The Active Ankle T2 is my favorite.

    Make sure you get a good easy warm-up. If you're ankle isn't too sore, you can add intensity. Be prepared to quit early if it gives you too much trouble. Ice it when you finish practice.

    Make sure that your coach knows about your injury.

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    First of all, you need to wear an ankle brace. Anyway, what I did was kinda take it easy and if my ankle wasn't hurting I would work harder. If it starts to hurt, back it down a little bit. Hope everything goes great!:)

    Source(s): Experience. I sprained my ankle this summer, and I was wonderring the same thing as you were.
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    I play aggressive volleyball and that i never fairly have problems with my ankles because I actual have energetic ankle braces. you would no longer want to bypass on it or it receives worse. the right ingredient of do is ice and relax and perchance slightly advil. in case your ankle is swollen and a quite some shade you fairly dont want to bypass on it and bypass to the overall practitioner yet when apparently typical and perchance slightly swollen you'd be high quality and the subsequent day you'd be on your ft. It befell to me and my buddy and all we do is push with the help of the soreness and perchance tape your ankle with athletic tape. It actual enables. desire i helped

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    Use it more and more every day

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