Attractive yet inexpensive reception location within/near Dane County, WI? (BYO Caterer)?

Planning a wedding reception for next summer/fall. Would like to stay within or near Dane County. Looking for a very attractive, yet affordable indoor reception location. Needs to accommodate approximately 250-300 guests. We would like to bring our own caterer.

We'd greatly appreciate you help!

Thank you!

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    " inexpensive" is such a loaded word. it is always better to be specific when you post requests like this. instead of saying "inexpensive" say " i have 2000 dollars to spend" or "something around 1000 dollars"...becase we all have different ideas of what inexpensive is.

    looking for a place large enough to fit your crowd but still pretty and one that would allow your to bring your own catering was a real challenge...but i found a few places for you to consider.

    the chandelier ballroom in hartford is large enough and they allow your byoc....

    the ballroom at the riviera at lake geneva is really nice.

    heritage hill park in greenbay has a number of venues you can check out. you can put up a tent if their indoor venues are not large enough.

    there are a few places to check out with madison city parks as well. they have some nice buildings for rent at very reasonable prices and all are briny your own catering. most of the parks allow rental tents for a small fee.

    the dekoven center in racine only has space for up to 200 but if you should end up with a smaller guest list, you could check them out.

    the east side club in madison has their own catering but you can ask them if you can byo if you pay a per head outside caterer price.

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    I don't live in Wisconsin (upper Michigan), but I can tell you that (at least from what I know), about the only places that will allow you to bring in your own food/beverages are community centers, Elks Clubs, Lions Clubs, VFW Halls...those types of buildings/facilities.

    Obviously, you cannot bring in your own caterer at a regular type of venue such as a hotel, golf club, banquet hall. Look into the types of clubs/organizations that I mentioned. I have been to a number of receptions as our local Elks Club and it's really nice.

    Now, another thing.....that is a LOT of guests. The Elks Club near me would only be able to accommodate about 175-200 (tops!)

    Good luck in your search!

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    Sorry yet I stay in South Orange County and not something is way less costly right here. attempt Newport coastline yacht weddings, they have finished applications which would be extra fee-effective then lodges. stable success!!!

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    Thanks for the answers!

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