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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

What good things did Che Guevara do?

What did he achieve?

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  • kennyj
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    1 decade ago
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    Che Guevara achieved so much that it is impossible to list them all in a short answer. Whether each achievement is to be considered "good" or "bad" depends on your point of view. To revolutionaries he is a hero, to conservatives a villain.

    I believe Guevara's "goodness" is to be found in his great intellect and passion for liberty. He may have been a leftist, a radical and and friend of others worse than himself, but he believed strongly, and died believing, that freedom does not come cheap and that those oppressed often must take their fight to the gates of the oppressors. He hated the North - South divide: how the northern hemisphere countries like the U.S. and, yes, the Soviet Union, dominated the poorer peoples of the south and took what they wanted and set up puppet regimes to perpetuate their agendas. His early years as a doctor in training and a traveller through South America opened his eyes to the great disparity in wealth, opportunity and comfort that lay before us all, but seen only if we chose to see. I think Che Guevara was probably one of the most important revolutionaries of the post war period. He ranks right up their with the left leaning Nelson Mandela (who greatly respected him) and Fidel Castro (who at one point considered Guevara his most important "general" of the Cuban revolution) and the right leaning Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher who did their absolute best to undo any whiff of revolutionary activity in areas of the world where they wanted to further the free market captialist agenda.

    As a last comment Guevara would have hated to see his image on purses, Tshirts and tatoos. He is often quoted as saying that "I am just a man" and he did not see virtue in the materialistic society of the West. It is exactly what he fought against: consumerism, materialism and selfish individualism. Love or hate him, Guevara and his ideas were and continue to be important.

  • 4 years ago

    Castro lied to the Cubans and to Che Guevara!!! Castro replaced into in no way a socialist. for the duration of the revolution, Castro promised the Cuban people for a democratic socialist state. while the revolution succeeded, Castro became the president without elections and he stayed there till 2008. Che Guevara did no longer do any "undesirable" factor. yet i think of he replaced into very careful from the CIA. Che Guevara killed approximately 50 Cubans who have been suspected to be from the CIA, with none analyze. one in each and every of his quotes to the rebels is "in case you think he's a undercover agent, then positioned a bullet in his head, do no longer even think of in the past taking photos him". He additionally killed assorted unarmed Cuban infantrymen after the revolution. additionally, for the duration of the revolution, he killed all people that supported the rustic and Batista. He additionally had assorted loopy ideologies alongside with Rock song is evil. He additionally killed approximately 200 infantrymen of Batista's military after the revolution by him self. Technically speaking, he did no longer do any rather "crime" beside over throwing a central authority. yet we could all face it, he Guevara had an somewhat chilly heart. I advise, he achieved 200 infantrymen by his very own palms. yet comparing to the failings he did to the persons of this international, he's a stable guy. he's an emblem to the contemporary Arab revolutions. He overthrew the Mafia that replaced into ruling Cuba. Stopped American companies from possessing 70 % of the arable land in Cuba. Tought peasants to study, by bringing the Cuban literacy fee from 60 to ninety seven %. Spoke out against South African Apartheid to the UN in 1964. He fought white mercenaries interior the African Congo with an all black military. Spoke out against U$ and at last u.s. Imperialism on a similar time as annoying that the undesirable of the international be allowed to stay a life-time of dignity

  • buvens
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Good Che

  • 4 years ago

    does it matter?

    When there is a city in another country full of thousands of people who had to flee from you and escape in order to not be murdered by you, can you really point to anything good that you did with a clear conscience?

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  • tuffy
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    There are none noted anywhere unless one is a revolutionary looking for a revolution. He was in the Cuba Revolution, one in Africa, and the one on Bolivia that cost him his life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That epic face you see on t-shirts.

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