Question about the cars braking system?

On a car are the front brakes the main brakes then the rear are applied to help or are the back the main then the front applied to help? any help is apprciated

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    Both front and rear brakes work in unison to slow or stop the car. You'll notice if your car has rear wheel disc brakes, the diameter of the rotors, brake calipers and pads are smaller. In the braking system is a brake proportioning valve which controls brake pressure to the rear calipers or brake shoes. Rear brake pressure is always less than the front even though the shoes and pads contact their friction surfaces at the same time. Front wheel driven cars 805 of all braking is done automatically by the front wheels. Rear wheel drive cars 70% of all braking is done by the front wheels.

    If the rear brakes came on before the front the car would spin-out in rain or snow covered roads. If the rear wheel braking percentage was too high the car would swap ends!

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    Yes the front brakes apply first and the harder you depress the brakes than the rear start assisting. But, the master cylinder where the break fluid is stored the front storage is the rear & the rear is for the front. Hope this helps and have a great day!

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    The brakes in a modern car are applied all at once.

    But because of a why a car reacts under braking, the front brakes do most of the work. Newer cars also have what is called a brake bias that increases the amount of brake pressure applied to the front tire.

  • gary o
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    the front are the main ones because as the brakes are applied the weight is forced to the front. Most vehicles are designed for a 60/40 system where the front has 60% of the breaking,

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    ok on the old cars and trucks it was 60 % of the braking was done by the front brakes now its 50-50

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    All four wheels grab at the same time,and the front wheels do more work then the back, because of the forward movement of the car. and the front brakes are bigger

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