Air national guard help?

You never hear anything about them, or them being deployed. does anyone know what their odds of deployment are, length of time, or specific jobs or deployment

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    The Air Guard deploys all of the time. Besides maintaining 94 percent of the U.S. alert sites for air defense, the Air National Guard provided 60 percent of intercept sorties flown in fiscal 2009 to protect U.S. air sovereignty while still performing many other Air Force-related roles and missions.

    The Air National Guard provides tactical airlift, air refueling tankers, general purpose fighters, rescue and recovery capabilities, tactical air support, weather flights, strategic airlift, special operations capabilities and aeromedical evacuation units

    Airlift squadrons fly C-130 Hercules, C-5 Galaxy, and C-17 Globemaster aircraft that transport people, equipment and supplies. Air refueling units, flying KC-135 Stratotankers, provide air-to-air refueling for strategic and tactical aircraft.

    The Air National Guard has three rescue and recovery squadrons that fly HH-60 helicopters and HC-130 aircraft. These units provide important lifesaving capabilities and services to civilian and military agencies. Air support units that fly OA-10 Thunderbolt IIs provide forward air control support of close-air support missions. The general-purpose fighter force is equipped with F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, A-10 and OA-10 aircraft.


    Nick you fking moron...that was the 1960s....and is one of the TOP mistakes of military planners of that era...NOT activating the Guard and Reserves and a LARGE scale like in previous and subsequent wars.

    The Guard, both Army and Air has deployed and fought in every war this country has ever been in. The Guard is the oldest component of the US military having been founded in 1636.

    It has been said "When the Guard goes to war...the country goes to war"

    What that means is when you send a battalion from Fort Hood, Texas of the active Army to one in Anytown USA gives a flying f*ck. But when you send a Guard battalion from Anytown USA the US public takes notice and has a vested interest because with that Guard battalion goes your local school teacher, pastor, bank president, etc...and the local US towns take notice of what is going on and support the military as a whole. It becomes more personal because of the Guard's participation.

    In the After Action Analysis of Vietnam that was cited as a key reason for the loss of support for the Vietnam War

    Source(s): Me, 21 years in the Army
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    There's a lot of us deployed doing various jobs. The current odds are once every 5 years (unless you volunteer to go over). Mobilization time is 12 months, this includes a couple months of pre-deployment training.

    Source(s): In the Guard and in Kuwait.
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    Why do you think Bush Sr. put Bush Jr. as an air national guard during vietnam? You won't do sh*t.

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