How To Shoot and Edit A Music Video?

I'm getting an HD video camera, and Adobe Elements Premiere Video / Photoshop and I want to know how to.

1. Synchronize the music with the video, so it's like im lip-syncing

how do you do that??

2. Edit

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You didn't specify what type of editing you want to do - Is it a montage type video where lots of miscellaneous clips are strung together to tell a story, multi-camera shooting of a band, etc?

    Well, for either, you need to map out what you want to see as the final product. If your doing a love story, for example, you need to map out what happens where and corvey the story how you want it to be seen. Remember, in a 3 maybe 4 minute song you probably can't relay every little minor detail, so make sure it gets to the point. If we want to see the artists, the best idea is to shoot one long take, and then cut in other footage to tell the story, two people at dinner, etc and then overlay the song on top of it. How you want to do it is up to you ;)

    If your wanting to do a multi-camera shoot, you can do this with just one camera, taken multiple times. Film the entire song from one static camera position, then shoot it again from another static positioning, and do this maybe... 3, 4, 5 times if you wish. Normally no more than two will be needed, but be adventurous!

    I don't use Adobe Elements, but in VideoStudio 11 Plus, what I use, I know you can overlay video with each other. So how I do multi-camera shoots from one camera is overlay the video maybe 4 times over in different video tracks, sync them together so they all fit, and then rearrange the video so that the video in track 1 is dominant and delete the other, overlaying video where appropriate.

    Sorry for my bad description, I'm tired and I really need some sleep! :P

  • cooke
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    3 years ago

    the biggest concern with using shopper HD cameras for song video clips is you will by no potential get lip sync on the audio whilst enhancing. and quickly circulation would be a blur or jerk, do no longer attempt any drum sequences. if the years of journey grew to become into with expert formats or miniDV you may in basic terms throw that out the window because of the fact shopper HD, no depend if AVCHD or H.264 works fullyyt distinctive. physique precise enhancing isn't achieveable because of the fact in basic terms a million in 8 frames honestly exists! Avid studio will slide the video to enable edits to take place on the non-interpolated b-frames yet that would placed lip sync off by potential of as much as a a million/2 2nd.

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