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I would like to hear your BAD experience with Citalopram?


please, i am not interested about hearing the good, i know lot of people enjoyed it and it helped, but not to me and i would like to hear if you had some bad experience too.

Mine were very vivid dreams, many times not knowing if things actually happened or I dreamt about them, my behaviour changed a lot, i was like not there, didnt really care about those i loved, and i felt even more suicidal than before. I was on the pills for four months and then decided to stop taking them, because i didnt like the way they made me feel.

Please do not write your good experience, as that is not what i am looking for, also dont advise me to change pills, i am not interested, i rather battle my depression by myself. thank you for your time.

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    my experiences were very similar to yours, I was constantly worried as at times I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. I slept about 18 hrs a day but when I was awake it was terrible. People were phoning me to remind me to pick the children up from school in case I had fallen asleep during the day. After 4 weeks of this I went back to the doctor and he changed my tablets and I was fine after a week when all the citalopram was out of my system.

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    Well I have to mention that I did have some good experiences with citalopram for a while anyway, but as you ask I'll focus on the bad!

    The vivid dreams killed me.

    I awoke feeling more tired than I had when going to sleep since I felt like I'd been active all night.

    The most negative aspect was that after a while they clearly no longer worked, since I stopped them after the doctors took me off them after I tried to kill myself after being on them for 6 months so I suspected they weren't working!

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