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il mio computer va a scatti?

il mio computer va ha scatti ad esempio quando guardo un film o quando chiudo la paggine.

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    Anche io sappere parlare il italiano, en queste momento non mi ricordo più d'italiano perquè he lasciato la lingua per studiare un'altra(spagnol) i escriveré en English - la lingua internazionale.

    If your computer seems to be running like that when you download a film or when closing a webpage ,you might be encountering hard disk drive problems.

    This means that, you may loose your data since the hard disk drive isntalled in your computer is close to death.

    Also, there is a big chance that the HDD(Hard Disk Driev) is OK and that your antivirus program has something to do with this.

    Your computer might be infected with a virus or with malware/ adware.

    What antivirus program are you using right now?

    Try Kaspersky Antivirus or Norton Antivirus and see if it detects anything:

    I recommend you try one of these antivirus programs .

    Remember to update them before you scan your computer( you need to do a full system scan of your computer in order to be sure of the fact that you're infected or not )

    Also, you might be infected with malware or spyware so you also need to run a full sca of your computer with Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

    The program should be available in Italian - it usually lets you choose the language of the installer and the program after running the installer you can download from the page I've just given you the link to.

    Make sure your hard disk drive is not too fragmented - if your computer is working hard(red LED on your PC's case is lid continuosly) when you download (scaricare) a film or when you close a webpage, your hard disk drive might be overfragmented.

    This means that the comptuer need to search through files for way too much time in order to find what it needs and this can make your computing experience sluggish.

    Go to->Start->All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Defragmenter

    After you analyze the drive C:(where your Windows installation is found), you need to defragment it, especially if there's too much red in the defragmentation status bar(blue white and red colors are used in order to tell you how much free space there is on the drive and what's the percentage of fragmentation of that drive(red= fragmented parts / blue= OK parts)

    Make sure you only use 1 antivirus program and not more than 1.

    It may slowdown your computer (andare a scatti).

    Open up Task Manager: start->run-> type ' taskmgr.exe '(without the commas) and hit enter.

    In the newly opened window, click on the Performance tab(non se como si dicce en Italiano, non ricordo )

    If the CPU is overused, there might be a program that's making too much use of it, so click on the Processes tab:

    See if there's any program that uses a very high percentage of your processor(CPU) and if it's something you believe is using an abnormal percentage of your processor(not the antivirus) right click on that and select ' End Task ' from the drop down menu.

    See if your computer runs well now.

    You may also have registry problems, so use a Registry Cleaner software in order to clean your registry, try this one:

    I hope you can get your computer to run normally and I also hope you get the point of what I've just said - it's a pitty my Italian knowledge is (at least temporarilly) lost. Having to study many languages at a time si quite difficult so I just had to sacrifice my Italian knowledge to study other languages.

    Anyway, Forza Italia! Rispetto tutte le cose que sono italiane o d'Italia.

    Ricordo Italia como una buona e grande nazione.


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