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car crash at 1000mph?

what would happen when 2 cars collide head on at 1000 mph? what would it be like? would they die? i wonder how crazy it would be like.


xD! im not trolling i just have these crazy thoughts and curiousity enters me. wanna hear people's thoughts on it.

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    Cars do not go 1000 mph. If someone was able to make two regular cars go 1000 mph, then everyone in the cars would die even before the cars crashed. The force of the sonic boom from going 1000 mph would make the windows break. After that, the occupants would be moving through the atmosphere at 1000 mph, no longer protected by glass, and the air hitting them at 1000 mph would certainly make it impossible to breathe, and might tear the skin off of their faces.

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    If you have any experience with high speed driving, the idea of driving faster than Mach 1 should tell you how difficult it would be to keep any vehicle from going airborne on the shock waves.

    Both drivers are likely to be dead before they met.

    Of course if they collided it would look like a jet plane crash. Both bodies would probably be unrecognizable.

    Just look at photos of the 9/11 plane that hit the Pentagon. That gives you an idea what it would look like. BTW, if you look you can also see the greusome photos of the bodies, but I don't recommend it.

    And that collision was at a closing speed of only a few hundred MPH. Imagine a closing speed of 2000 MPH making it even worse.

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    You are accused of trolling because anyone with even the smallest amount of common sense realizes that THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Cars CAN'T reach one thousand MPH. The only type that can are vehicles made for going after speed records, and they go on the Salt Flats or other areas that are wide open and race one at a time. They would never hit each other.

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    It would be a very short moment of intense puzzlement, possibly too short to even register. And then it would be over. Permanently.

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    100 MPH head on will kill you or even less,

  • Anonymous
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    There would be nothing left of the vehicles nor their occupants...

  • Anonymous
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    You're a complete dumbass.

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