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You know how everyone's always asking what your 40 favorite art rock bands and artists are?

Well, now there's a fourteen-minute-long video of mine.

I sure do hope that I can get a link onto here somehow....

Watch it, and, uh...give it a thumbs up. Or a thumbs down. That way, you'll give people in the comments section something to discuss, because you know I'm always getting so much praise.

MQ: Favorite artist/band on the list, and WHY<---important?

BQ1: Of the three posters I'm staring at, which (in your opinion) depicts the best artist?

Peter Gabriel (holding a tambourine and looking pretty siniser, no less), Todd Rundgren (with some very, very tight overalls), or Brian Eno (with a microphone next to his mouth)?

BQ2: What's the point of having a 'BQ1' if there's only 1 BQ?

...Save this one.


http:// om/watch?v=kYlMisDjb bI

Just take out the spaces.

Update 2:


Update 3:

Thanks, soul man.

Will be expecting a subscription?

Update 4:

@Mick Jagger -

Yes was on the list....

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    Great List I thumbed up and commented and I agree with alot of it I woulda put Nico on it though as well as Yes.

    I have a few

    David Bowie - Just Amazing all around I mean what hasnt he done he just has so much variety and none of its bad in my book dont get me wrong he's had his flaws (Like Tin Machine Horrible Project) but still has managed to make great music in every era.

    Pink Floyd - yes we all know Dark Side of the Moon & The Wall but when you look at stuff like Animals & Saucerful of Secrets there is no doubt they belong in the greatest bands ever if only they Roger didnt try to hog the band we wouldnt have A Momentary Lapse of Reason, the only song I like on that one is Learning to Fly the rest of the album is complete garbage I actually really like The Final Cut and The Division Bell is kinda good but has some junk as well on it but you cant ignore how amazing they are i every way.

    Peter Gabriel - I May be alone on this but I prefer his solo stuff to his stuff with Genesis. Dont get me wrong his Genesis stuff is golden and remarkable but his 4 Self Titled albums are just Breathtaking especially 3 (Melt) not to mention how awesome his videos are. I don't know any reason why someone could dislike him.

    The Velvet Underground - Such a great band especially there first one Lou Reed,John Cale & Nico just overload the album with amazingness then even after Nico was gone they were still able to come out with something as great as White Light/White Heat meanwhile Nico was creating the great album Chelsea Girls and as Cale left they lost 2 of there 3 amazing members and you get 'The Velvet Underground" still an amazing album sure they may be overrated to people in ways but they dont get the recognition they deserve. but the point is The VU is and always will be a legendary band

    The Who - Another great band who starts off with the awesomeness My Generation then progresses into Sell Out which progrsses even farther to the artistic rock opera knows as Tommy but they dont stop there they give us Quadrophenia now A Quick One (Happy Jack) may be my favorite BUT Quadrophenia gives you that special amazing feeling that is hard to get that they were able to do with Tommy but its like they made it twice as good with Quadrophenia

    Tom Waits - My 2nd favorite solo artist of all time (behind Bowie tied with Eno) The 70s alone would allow him to be high up then in the 80s (when most artist's were trying to Blend in) he gives us Rain Dogs (in my top albums ever) and Swordfishtrombone there is no way that can be ignored. His voice, while not technacally skilled is spectacular you cant always make a voice like that work but he does and makes it fit so well you cant help but love it.

    Brian Eno - If anyone dosent like Brian Eno they have not heard Another Green World or Before and After Science and if they have I have no idea what wrong with them. A song such as I'll Come Running would be overlooked if it werent for the fact he was able to take such a simple song and make it so artistic.

    Frank Zappa - So good he is probably in the top musicians to ever walk the face of the earth he can make you laugh and move you at the same time. We're Only In It for the Money & Apostrphe are two perfect albums plus there are many more he made maybe 2 not so great albums and thats pretty good for the rate he was releasing em at.

    The Talking Heads - If only they didnt break up we would know how amazing they woulda went into the 80s but we got David Bryne's solo stuff for that but any band that can make songs such as Once in a Lifetime & Nothing but Flowers deserve to be high up on this list but they made so much more its hard to put into words how amazing they are

    Jethro Tull - THICK AS A BRICK if they had just released that album alone I would love em and I do but then when you hear Aqualung you know for sure they belong on this list

    Genesis - If only they didnt go into the 80s with pop, though I do like the 80s stuff you cant ignore their Gabriel era stuff The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is a perfect concept album and Trespass is very good as well although their 80s stuff wasnt as strong I still really liked songs like Illegal Alien, Tonight Tonight Tonight and Land of Confusion.

    Yes - My favorite Prog band along with Pink Floyd. Close to the Edge, The Yes Album & Fragile are all near perfect albums plus Rick Wakeman was with who is one of my all time favorite musicians ever.

    Wow I never thought I would give an answer this long

    BQ I like the Peter Gabriel one but the Brian Eno one comes close

    BQ2 Because you needed to ask this BQ you see if u didnt you wouldnt of had the BQ1 therefore it had a purpose.


    Oh Now I see. I overlooked em. *hides face in embarrassment*

    My stupidity may be due to the fact I was up ans watched this at like 2 AM

    Better add em to my list

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  • 9 years ago

    Cool list, I disagree with some of the ordering (ehem, Radiohead above... stuff) but tons of quality there. I liked that Art Rock was stretched beyond what is often it's definition, for this list.

    MQ: King Crimson, as imo they are the most diverse band of popular music, and changed over the course of their existence more and more successfully than any other act. Also their music is ******' sweet.

    Least fav: Radiohead... they just aren't very good, or innovative, or anything.

    BQ1: The Gabriel one, at least him in Genesis anyway.

    BQ2: Even when there is a 2 I usually call the first one just "BQ".

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  • 9 years ago

    The Moody Blues, they've got that classical sound mixed with the both mellow and exciting.

    Pink Floyd, i used to be a huge fan, now not so much, I've just listened to them less and less, but i like them because they got me into psychedelic music, i also think "Julia Dream" is a very beautiful song.

    The Who, but honestly i got bored of their music, I included them because at one point they were a favorite, "You Better You Bet" is still a catchy tune.

    Talking Heads, they're great they've gone from new wave to punk and all the way back, they're an artist I've always wanted to hear more from.

    Jethro Tull, one word, "Aqualung".

    Can, I had actually forgotten about this band, I always liked their psychedelic sound.

    Tom Waits, I like his songs and thanks to smoochy I've been curious how many cigarettes it would take to sound like him.

    Captain Beefheart, honestly, I know very little about him and his magic band, I just like what I've heard in the past.

    Genesis, I've been listening to "Afterglow" compulsively lately.

    David Bowie, his songs can go anywhere and no matter where it sounds great.

    Peter Gabriel

    You're a philosopher GESM

    *You've got some cool videos on your channel.

    **If i manage to make a youtube channel that doesn't get suspended you can count on it

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I rated and commented GESM

    And I figured out how to make my computer make live action vids. So in a few days expect a new Top 100 Bands video from me, with live action clips

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  • wolfey
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    David Bowie. There are so many reasons, but mainly because I love his music, he's versatile, timeless, and he has a great voice. I actually can't think of a reason why I don't like Bowie.

    BQ: Brian Eno

    BQ2: There isn't one?

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  • 4 years ago

    Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers or Bruce Springsteen and the "E" Street Band.

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