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Want to kill myself because l cannot understand math?

l know this sounds very stupid. No matter how hard l try and even a tutor cannot help me understand math. Math is too hard, l cannot take it anymore! l feel like dropping out because that is the on subject l am failing in, And if i fail l have to keep repeating it and keep failing it and never being able to go to college and not getting a job or money and l will become a hobo. l hate math so much, it screwed up my life! l think l have a learning disability l just cannot solve a problem no matter how many times lm taught it. Usually my brain starts to hurt and sometimes l feel like crying because it's so frustrating. Is there a way l can never take math in college and the rest of my high school years? lm a sophomore btw

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    I am rubbish at maths. And my brain hurts too when I have to do any and I am 29!

    Maths isnt the be all and end all of education.

    Why dont you go see your tutor and explain how much its getting you down? Can you get any private tuition? Perhaps if you explain to your tutor how depressed its making you they can ease off on the pressure? They might be able to come up with some way of making it a bit easier for you, like allowing you to work slower through the workbook or allowing you extra time for homework or something?

    Mention to your tutor about a learning disability. They can test you for things like that at school so you should ask cos they can arrange a test for you.

    Dont let it get your down. Remind yourself of the subjects you are good at!! Just because your not very good at maths doesnt make you a failure. It doesnt mean your going to be unemployed for life and have no money. Lots of people fail maths and have successful lives. Not everyone is brilliant at everything. We have to just work with what we have.

    Focus on building your self esteem in other areas. If you can keep your self esteem up in other subjects then it might balance out this horrid experience your having with maths. Are you better at Art, English etc? Usually people are better at Arty subjects or Maths and science subjects. Not at both. Of course you get really annoying people who are great at everything but they are just very lucky that their brain is like that.

    Focus on career ideas that will use your strengths. So, ok your not great at maths, but there are plently of other career paths where you dont need maths so look into those and start working out if any of those careers interest you. That will give you a goal to work towards and will reassure you that you wont be a hobo. :)

    Dont give up with maths tho. Do keep at it. Its better to try to get it then not try at all. It will help career wise if you have it cos it will just give you a wider range of options to choose from. You will change your mind bewteen now and when your 21 as to what career path you want to go down. So try to keep all your options open.

    Good luck

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    I've had issues with math my entire life. Doing homework has made me cry on more than a dozen occasions throughout school, and I usually forgot most of what I learned semester-to-semester. I thought it would hold me back, but I also knew that I was never meant to be a mathematician or a NASA scientist, and that what I chose to do with my life would naturally only include the math I could do easily, and nothing more.

    So I was put into a lot of slower, easier math classes, and was allowed to use a calculator whenever I wanted. Because of that, I was able to pass math through high school. Some of those teachers actually also taught me things that stuck. Not everything stayed with me, but some of it did. And not all of my teachers taught me well... but some did.

    What I've found very interesting, is that as I've gotten older (I'm 22 now), I've been able to do math easier. Right now i'm STILL in a slower math class, and I DO use a calculator (mostly for speed, instead of inability)... and I feel that when I get the right teacher, and I only focus on doing as much homework as I can do in any given period, and I go easy on myself... I can do it.

    Now, you will still have to take math classes in high school and college... but there are ways to make the subject fit you. I would suggest doing it ONLY as it fits you, and to focus on not feeling to overwhelmed by the idea that you can't do something. Usually when that happens, you start shutting down, and the problems become even harder. Relax. Take it slow. Get all the help you need, and try to focus on making the subject make sense to you.

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    math did not screw up your life, and I think your doing great to come as far as a saying your a sophomore. You need to be proud of your self and now wanting to go to college wow!

    you got what it takes in this life time.

    life it self is so frustrating at times, we just have to go a long and beat the frustration, and this shows us we have a lot of strength within us all.

    Yes, you may have a learning disability and this is because you actually say you hate math

    without math where would we all be in this life time.

    it would bring us all back to the dark ages, you need to go and talk to your math teacher and explain your problem your having.

    you can always go to college with out using you math skills, as long as you are Acing your other grades

    Help is always around as long as you ask for it, especially if it has to do with education

    you can work around your math skills. use your brains and find the right person to help you.

    God will also help you, and please say the lords prayer the " Our Father" once every day

    and watch the miracles come your way!

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    I'm 27 and I cannot even do basic math . I still have a b.a. From a great university . Youll have to just get over it . I went to tutoring too . Only helped for a short time then I lost it . You won't even.need math once you finish high school . just try to get a d or a c .

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    If you're not good at math then so what? Not everyone is good at math and I'm sure you will find something you are really good at and take that at college.

    Just do your best! Then at college choose something that doesn't require math.

    Trust me, you will not become a hobo just because you can't do well in math :)

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