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LGBT: i think i'm lesbian?

oh gosh, i'm 14, and i'm pretty sure i'm a lesbian.

i think some guys are cute and all, but i'm not attracted to them.

if i'm around a guy, i don't get butterflies or anything, but when i'm around girls, i get butterflies and everything!

when i'm older, i really want to marry a girl. i think it would be so cute.

the thing is, no one really is bi/lesbian here. and i live in a little town, so there's no lgbt group or anything.

i've dated girls online, but it never worked out because we couldn't see each other or anything.

is there any dating site i could go on, like, for teens?

there is this one girl at my school, who is bisexual, but, she's 16/17 and i don't really know her well enough. plus, i think she has a boyfriend. . . i kind of like her, but not enough to ask her out or anything. :)

i don't think i would marry a guy, only girl.

but, lately, i've been so confused on if i was bisexual or lesbian.

i know, i'm young, and my hormones and stuff are changing. but, i've had this feeling about girls for 3 years now. plus, i've had lots of crushes on girls before too =]

any advise or anything? plus, i'm in the closet right now, only a few close friends know i like girls. :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    ik how u feel! im 15. and i do believe u are more les than bi. and just cause there arent any ppl near doesnt change a thing. dating sites arent that great and are full of creeps. you should be friends with that girl and get to know her. as long as you are urself and really connect ur good. u seem like a cool chick and i think she would deff like chuuu xD and yeahhhh ik bout the hormones but u know when u get the butterflies and the non stop thinking and pure happiness. and im free. i would lovez to chat. =) and if u put urself out there slowly u will notice more ppl like u.

    nice talking to u, hope to hear from u soon =)

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  • 10 years ago

    I think it's just because your young.

    Ive been attracted to LOADS of girls, but I'm straight.

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  • 10 years ago

    Imagine yourself living with yourself for 20 years and if that sounds attractive, it's time for electroshock-therapy.

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