what did shawn michaels do to bret hart?

they say he had a screw up or something in the 90's with bret hart ..what did he do .. curious/

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    The event you hear about was the "Montral Screwjob." It was a legitimate incident where Vince change the outcome of the Michaels vs. Hart match at Survivor Series '97 without informing Bret. The day before the Survivor Series 1997, Vince McMahon met with Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a hotel room in Montreal and planned the screwjob. No one knows how many people actually knew about the screwjob beforehand, but it is known that McMahon's close friends Gerald Brisco and Sgt. Slaughter had been involved in the planning as well. Hart and Michaels had met with Patterson to discuss the match setup and plan, during which Hart agreed to allow Michaels to put him into the sharpshooter hold at a time when the referee would be unconscious, as Patterson suggested. The rest of the match was planned to proceed thus: Hart would grab Michaels' foot and reverse the hold, putting him in the sharpshooter. Michaels would submit to the hold, but the referee would still be unconscious. Hart would let go of the hold to try to revive the referee, but Michaels would hit Hart with Sweet Chin Music and make the pin. A second referee would then run to the ring with Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, and Davey Boy Smith following close behind. The second referee would start the count, but Owen and Davey Boy would break the pin. The original referee would then recover and start to make the count, but Hart would kick out, setting up about five more minutes of brawling that would result in a disqualification. The new plan that Bret was unaware of went like this: When Shawn put Bret into the Sharpshooter, Earl Hebner, the ref, would wake up and call for the bell to be rung, even though Hart never tapped. Come Survivor Series, this happened and Bret was FURIOUS. Since Hebner and Michaels ran away after the bell rung, Bret took out his anger on Vince, spitting in his face. This was the last time Bret was seen in the WWE until a few months ago.

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    Called the Montreal Screw Job. Survivor Series '97. Bret Hart was going to leave for WCW later that month. Bret Hart was facing Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship. Hart and Vince McMahon talked about the finish of him still winning the championship and then losing it the next week. Bret didn't want to lose it in Montreal, let alone to Shawn Michaels (they didn't get along in real life). Anyways, the bell was called early and stating Bret lost. The end of the match was changed and Bret always believed and knew Shawn had a part in it.

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    Supposedly the angle was originally to have Bret Hart win their match, then suddenly Vince changed his mine to have HBK win halfway through the match without Bret even knowing. Thus resulting in Bret being screwed out of the title and HBK winning. Bret then proceeded to spit in the face of Vince at ringside and punched him out backstage. This was known as the Montreal screw job. It took place at Survivor Series 1997. You can find info about this on almost every wrestling site.

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    He screwed him in a title shot where Bret was supposed to keep the title. But Vince didn't want him to take his title to WcW with him so at the last minute Vince walked to the ring with Triple H and Shane McMahon and told the ref to ring the bell that the match was over and told him to raise Michaels hand in victory. with Bret mad he spat at Vince then walked to backstage to his locker room where Vince came in and Bret's wife slapped him so then he left all i know i read about it couple months ba6 on wiki

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    Shawn raped Bret in Montreal thats why it is called the montreal screw job.

    Poor Triple H, shawn was cheating on him.

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    He gave him crabs.

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