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What was the name of the shark in the movie Shark Tales?

I just got a fish and its the cutest thing ever! It has a unique little fin that looks exactly like a sharks so I wanted to name it after the shark in the movie Shark Tale, but I just cant remember the name. Can anyone help me?!

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    The vegetarian shark? Lenny (Jack Black)

    His father, the Godfather of the shark family? Don Lino (Robert De Niro)

    The killed brother shark? Frankie

    There were other sharks at the movie,including one voiced by Peter Falk.

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    Jaws Deep Blue Sea Shark Tale Open Water Shark Attack Shark Hunter Shark Zone

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    the name of the shark is don lino =)

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    After googling it, it is Lenny and is voiced by Jack Black

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    His name is Lenny, glad i could help!

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