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Why should Marijuana be illegal/legal?

I think it should be legal because its a waste of time, money, space and resources to continue to arrest and jail people carrying weed or dirty pipes on them. Also, if marijuana were taxes it would greatly help the economy. There are many uses for hemp such as paper, fabric, food and fuel. Hemp is one of the most diverse plants, it can be used for more things than any other natural resource. It grows naturally in the wild. Legalizing it would mean less money for crime organizations and the drug trade. It can be used as a bio fuel meaning less carbon. Marijuana has never killed anyone, its way safer then alcohol and tobacco. It can even be used for medical reasons like getting rid of nausea. People who smoke weed are not criminals. They are your neighbors, fire fighters, store clerks, politicians and even cops! Marijuana has caused ZERO deaths. Are there any real reasons not to legalize it? Other than "its bad for you" because its not. And don't use god as an excuse either because if there is a god then he is the one who made weed in the first place. Why would god make such a diverse plant if he didn't want us to use it?

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    I don't smoke, drink, do any drugs, or use marijuana, but I definitely think that marijuana should be legalized. It's a huge travesty that all this time and money is being thrown away on tracking down and locking up pot smokers, who cares? If they legalized it they could regulate it and it would really help the economy (legal business, taxes etc.) and it would take the power out of criminal hands. If alcohol and cigarettes are legal than marijuana might as well be too.

    They did try banning alcohol at one point (prohibition) and that went horribly, huge spikes in crime and the rise of gangsters like Al Capone (why let violent criminals make money off of this stuff when the government and businesses could be benefiting from the sales income?) and they finally decided it wasn't worth prohibiting and brought it back, which made things better for everyone, including non-drinkers. Again, I don't use any of these because I think they're all disgusting but if people want to use it then who am I to say no? Just keep it away from me. I just realize that it isn't practical to keep these things prohibited, it costs too much money and there's just too much wasted effort. Everyone would benefit from the legalization of marijuana, same as tobacco and alcohol. The only thing I'd ask is that they make it illegal to smoke it around others who don't want to get high from the second-hand smoke (i.e. do it at home, not in the store or in public please).

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    I agree 'marijuana' should be legalized and if it is not then industrial hemp should be legalized.

    Do not get your hopes up though , I believe it is very unlikely that cannabis/marijuana will be legalized.

    In fact there is a pattern that show that cigarettes and other tobacco products may become illegal within the next 10-20 years. It is a slow process to make tobacco illegal but it is certainly becoming illegal.

    Part of the problem is the ease which marijuana can be grown thereby avoiding paying taxes on it.

    There is also the issue of an easy crime to find & prosecute thereby bringing in fines and seizure revenues.

    Legalization of Marijuana is a pipe dream.

    Source(s): The Emperor Wears no cloths.
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    Well I think it should be legal but I don't think people should be allowed to drive under its influence because like alcohol it will slow reaction time. Alcohol is a far more dangerous drug and it's legal so there is no reason not to legalize marijuana. Legalize it, tax it and give it the same penalties for driving under the influence.

    Source(s): Have never used it, never will, but see no reason why it is demonized when alcohol isn't.
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    Read “Marijuana is Safer: So Why Are We Driving People to Drink?”, by Mason Tvert for the answers you seek.

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    This Libertarian thinks, it should be legal for all people to injure/kill themselves in any fashion they like.

    As long as I -- nor any other tax-payers -- are not forced at gun-point (by the IRS) to pay for their medical treatment.

    I predict, however, that once the stuff is legalized and corporations start selling it, Illiberals will unleash the same legal wolfhounds on them as they did over tobacco. (It was never about tobacco for them -- rather about the "evils" of Capitalism.) Marijuana tar is just as cancer-causing as tobacco's...

    Countless "victims" will be paraded before cameras and juries claiming, they were "misled" about health consequences.

    I can only hope, YOU -- having gone on record lying, that the stuff is "harmless" -- will be one of the defendants.

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    Make it legal -

    That will take the crime out of it (that will cut some governmental spending).

    We should tax the hell out of it, like we do cigarettes (that will bring in some more money).

    And, doctors will be able to prescribe it to patients who will be able to use it properly.

    What the hell is wrong with that?

  • Isa
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    9 years ago

    I think it should be legal but carefully controlled, in the same way alcohol is, because frankly there isn't a whole lot of difference between it and alcohol (impairing, habit-forming, harmless in small quantities, etc.).

    I think it should be illegal just to spite the of the sort of people who usually lobby for it to be legal, though ;)

    (Though, to be fair, if it was the other way around, with marijuana legal and alcohol illegal, the sort of people who would be lobbying for the legalization of alcohol would probably do similar damage to their own cause. The sort of person who's passionate about alcohol, similar to the sort of person who's passionate about weed, usually isn't exactly a stellar member of society.)

  • Norma
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    I would gladly vote to make it legal but only if smoking cigarettes was not restricted in any public place. If Marijana is legalized and unrestricted in any area then I will sue every city and State that prohibits smoking in public areas. Smoke is smoke.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you legalize it what would happen to the war on drugs ? Perhaps those warriors could be used at EPA ? Hats off to Miwa .

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    legal. 110%

    and besides its really called cannabis not marijuana

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