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Should I learn Spanish and French?

I'm 15 and I'm in Spanish 3,

I'm getting Rosetta stone for Spanish, but I want to learn French too.

So I was thinking of getting the French Rosetta stone too so I can learn French too. But is it a bad idea to learn two similar languages at the same time?

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    I went to a bilingual school in Miami for elementary school, and half my day was taught in Spanish. Cumulatively I studied 7 years of Spanish. However, in middle school, I switched over to French, and took 3 years of French. French was a lot easier to learn once having a foundation in Spanish, but I often combined words and phrases. It resulted in what I refer to as Franglish- Spanish, French, English combo- Not GOOD! Now in college, I am reverting back to Spanish. Spanish is necessary to know. You'll have far more opportunities to utilize Spanish, it's a staple in our society. If you wish to learn French by all means go for it, but only after you fully comprehend Spanish, otherwise they'll mix! Bonne chance!

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    If I had a buck for whenever any one requested this query I might be wealthy lol. Well I consider the nice alternative for you might be to study spanish on the grounds that as you acknowledged, your husband's loved ones lives in Colombia and It might be first-class when you might comunicate with them of their local language. So study spanish! It's the moment such a lot greatly spoken language on this planet!

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    If you live in Calif. go with Español, the way its going its gonna be a 'required' language in the next couple of years. Plus if you speak Spanish, French and Italian are going to be so much easier to grasp.

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