Is there a program I can use to open a Screen Saver (.SCR) program?

I want to delete a few pictures that were placed in a Screen Saver i had downloaded. Only free applications please, this screensaver is not worth me spending any money on at all.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I looked all over the net for a free converter to convert the (SCR) To some other format to do what you want so you could edit the (SCR) and i am sorry i could not find one. But i did find some converter`s that cost that can convert the (SCR) to another format so that you can edit it the way you want to.Here are the address for them.

    And i also found some Forum`s that can also tell you how to edit (SCR) format.Here are the address for them

    P.S. You should make another copy of your (SCR) before you try to edit it.

    I hope this can help you.

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    TO: AwesomeBill Why could the gov. care approximately somebody making a application open up whilst it is going to screensaver mode on their own laptop... As to the question.. I dunno approximately making a application arise in the process the screensaver mode. i understand you are able to set up a TIME for a application by going to start->acceseries->device kit-> sceduled projects....yet thats all i'm able to furnish ya. =/

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