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Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 61 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?

* A Video opens with last week as Randy Orton, was haunted by The Undertaker, and The Undertaker would play mind games, while Randy was talking to his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton, blood would spill out of Bob Orton's face, then as Randy was washing his face, he would see the Undertaker in a reflection from the mirror and also The Undertaker using Josh Matthews as a puppet to freak out Orton.

* Opening Intro:

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Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside and tonights preview:

* World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury

* The Mexicools vs. Kid Kash and The D!cks (Chad and James)

* Chris Benoit vs. Bobby Lashley went to a No Contest

The match was abondoned because of the interference from United States Champion Booker T, Paul Burchill and William Regal, Booker would then try a axe kick but then got caught in a Crossface, while Lashley speared both Regal and Burchill.

* Kristal Interviews World Heavyweight Champion Batista, Rey Mysterio and Stacy Keibler about their upcoming Pay Per View shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship.

~ Commercial Break ~

* Six Man Tag Team Match

The Mexicools (Cruiserweight Champion Juventud, Psicosis and Super Crazy) defeated. The D!cks (Chad and James0 and Kid Kash: 9:55

Juventud pinned James after a Diving moonsault from the top rope.

* Jamie Noble defeated. Local Wrestler: 4:56

Jamie Noble picks up a quick victory on SmackDown!

* John "Bradshaw" Layfield w/Jillian Hall defeated. Funaki: 2:34

After the match Matt Hardy would come out and chase JBL and Jillian with a Steel Chair, Matt would then say "JBL this Sunday, Matt Hardy will embarrass you and leave you in this ring with a Twist of Fate!"

~ Commercial Break ~

We come back from the Commercial and there is a Segment called "Theropist: in"

The Segment was taped earlier today and it shows a Docter with Randy Orton, The Docter says "What problems are you facing Randy?" Orton replies "I have been having these reactions in the past 2 weeks, everywhere I look he is there" The Docter says "Who is there?" Orton says "The Undertaker" Orton says "I have a match with him, it's called Hell in a Cell!, hell in a Cell it changes careers, it changes human beings" The Docter says "Randy has to make that desicison, either show up on the day and prepare for the match, or stay home in St. Louis"

* The Boogeyman defeated. Local Wrestler: 2:11

Boogeyamn on a roll undefeated on SmackDown!

~ Commercial Break ~

* Tazz and Cole thank Not Forgotten for the use of their song "Waiting" and also hype up Armageddon.

* World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Rey Mysterio and Stacy Keibler vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury w/WWE Tag Team Champion Johhny Nitro and Melina went to a No Contest: After the match Rey, Batista and Stacy would brawl with MNM.

Randy Orton comes out and says "I have made my descison so upson WWE, and its SmackDown! brand of Sports Entertainment, I officially announce my retirement"

But when Orton walks up the entrance ramp the music of The Undertaker hits and The Undertaker comes out and has Orton cornered until a Druid comes out with the urn, that is not a druid it is "Cowboy" Bob Orton who then un masks his costume, Randy then hits the RKO on the Undertaker and hits The Undertaker with a steel chair, causing him to bleed. Orton puts the blood of the Undertaker on his chest, it was all a set up.


Best/Worst Match:


Year Base: Late 2005

WQ: Should Kaval be Intercontientnal Champion soon?


Armageddon: Match Card

* Hell in a Cell

The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

* WWE Tag Team Championship

MNM (c) vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Rey Mysterio

* Matt Hardy vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

* Two on One Handicap Match

William Regal/Paul Burchill vs. Bobby Lashley

* Match 3 of 7 in the "Best of Sevem Series" for the Vacant United States Championship

Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

* Cruiserweight Championship

Juventud(c) vs. Kid Kash

* The D!icks vs. Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy)


* Mr. Kennedy defeated. Brian Kendrick

* Orlando Jordan defeated. Scotty 2 Hotty

* Sylvan defeated. Local Competitor

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    Best Matches:

    1) Chris Benoit vs. Bobby Lashley

    2) Batista & Stacy Kiebler accompanied by Rey Mysterio vs. Joey Mercury & Melina accompanied by Johhny Nitro

    Worst Match: Boogeyman vs. Local Wrestler

    Opinions: Not your best show but this show was pretty cool though. The matches that I liked the best both ended in a No Contest. My favorite promo was the promo after the main event with The Orton Family taking out the Undertaker once again.

    Overall Rating... 7.8/10. You should bring back Christian.

    I don't know if I'm going to be able to answer your shows on Sunday because I will be really busy.

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    Great Show.

    I would give this show 8/10.

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