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Who has the best fanastsy team out of these 3?


John Wall

Mike Conley

Brandon Roy

Kevin Martin

Kevin Durant

Caron Butler

David West

LaMarcus Aldridge

Brook Lopez

Marc Gasol

Wesley Matthews

Corey Maggette,

Mike Miller

Leandro Barbosa

Jason Thompson

Nicolas Batum,

Jermaine O'Neal

Matt Barnes

Bench :Nenad Krstic

Bench :Roger Mason


PG Russell Westbrook

PG Brandon Jennings

SG Jason Terry,

SG Anthony Morrow,

SF Rudy Gay

SF Trevor Ariza

PF Andrea Bargnani

PF Rashard Lewis,

C Dwight Howard

C Amare Stoudemire

G Jarrett Jack,

F Andrei Kirilenko,

PF/C Samuel Dalembert

SG/SF Rasual Butler,

G/F James Harden

F/C Shawn Marion,

UTIL Udonis Haslem,

UTIL Amir Johnson,

Bench DeMar DeRozan

Bench Peja


PG Rajon Rondo,

PG Tony Parker,

SG John Salmons,

SG Ben Gordon*,

SF LeBron James,

SF Danilo Gallinari,

PF Zach Randolph,

PF Luis Scola,

C Al Jefferson,

C Andris Biedrins,

G Kirk Hinrich,

F Lamar Odom,

SG/SF Corey Brewer,

G/F Richard Jefferson,

PF/C Al Harrington,

F/C Marvin Williams,

UTIL Luke Ridnour,

UTIL Timofey Mozgov,

Bench Tyler Hansbrough,

Bench Sundiata Gaines

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    Close between 1 and 3, Id say 1, I can tell you that its not team 2.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1 or 3

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  • Anu R
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    9 years ago

    Is anyone besides me seeing that Team 3 has Rajon Rondo, LeBron James, Luis Scola, and Al Jefferson?

  • 9 years ago

    2 because of the players with height and versitality, you have Amare, (sort of) Dwight, Morrow, Ariza, Bargnaini and Lewis. Plus there are less major egos.

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  • ?
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  • i would go with number 1 just to many weapons.

    Source(s): little rondo
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


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