sword smiths look here please?

ok i wana know if its possible to just try and harden a japanese sword its already been forged and etc (i bought it only) but i wana know if i could harden it like get it realy hot (not hot enough tho i dont have a forge) and then quench it in water and then heat it up again to till it is realy realy hot again and let it cool slowly?(im 15 keep that in mind i cant do much but i can do somethings) ive built my own knife but it broke because i hardend without tempering but if you could help me it would be apreciated


the sword is just a musashi mass produced cheap 1045 steel katana i bought at trueswords.com its like 50$ or so that includes shipping

Update 2:

<.< its in the anime section i know yahoo answers screwed it up i didnt mess with thte classification at all i apologise

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  • 10 years ago
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    I would suggest you first review the actual sword making process. As you probably, know real Japanese swords are composed of multiple layers of folded metals and these metals and the folding process varies depending on the sword maker. I'm not a sword smith but I have seen a master sword smith at work and I seriously doubt you will be able to harden the sword by just heating it. There are numerous steps involved and a skill set that, don't take this the wrong way, I don't think you have yet. You would probably just end up permanently ruining the sword. Collect all the information you can about your specific sword (manufacturer, date of manufacture, ID number, etc) and then contact the manufacturer to ask your questions.

    BTW, is there a reason you thought there might be sword smiths on an anime site?

    Edit - Fair enough. It wouldn't be the first time Y!A messed up. As for the sword. Since it's a mass produced model it's probably not been folded but stamped out by an industrial press. In addition, because this is such an inexpensive sword the carbon content might not be high enough to effectively harden and temper it. Sorry, I cannot give you a better answer, but here's a link to the heat characteristics of the type of metal you have if decide to go through with it. Good luck.

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