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I wish my life were like Taylor Swift songs! Is this weird?

Don't you? I have never had a real boyfriend, and I get bummed all the time when I see other people in love, and I am just there, looking like a loser :( I wish my love life were like Mine - Taylor Swift.

Want to make me feel better? Anyone feel this way?

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    Doesn't everybody?

    Boy trouble?

    There's a Taylor Swift song for that.

    Taylor's songs aren't always fairy tales and happy endings..

    For example Teardrops on my Guitar, Invisible, etc.

    She's had her ups and downs in love like everybody else.

    Love is a risk, a risk worth taking, a risk that makes you want to rip your heart out, and a risk capable of making you feel feelings you thought you'd never have..

    Your normal, I promise.

    You relate to her lyrics, as do I.

    Loser? No, your not the only one that doesn't have a boyfriend.

    Love is patient, Love is kind.

    You can't search for love, you have to let it find you.

    I know you feel bummed, but you'll come across love when you least expect it.

    I wish you luck.

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  • 10 years ago

    yep..I really wish it was.cause I'm Truly in love with some one but I'm too bored of this because he's not beside me and he's not mine.

    I wish my life was like Love story song :``(

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  • 10 years ago

    oh thats weird i was listening to taylor swift when i came across this. =] i <3 her and her songs

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  • 10 years ago

    same here girl D: buut everyones time will come :D right? x[

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