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Animal Trainer, Hip-Hop Rapper, and/or Professional Wrestler?

"So when I grow up I want to become an Animal Trainer since I'm like really into animals and watch Animal Planet and Discovery Channel all the time lol, I've been currently reading and learning a lot of things about animals and really hoping to working with them someday, I also got these books from the library called "The Everything Guide To Working With Animals" and "Teen Dream Jobs:How to Find the Job You REALLY Want Now!" and I've also been currently volunteering at my local Animal Shelter around in my area, so I know volunteering, reading, and researching things about animals could really help me learn a lot about them and helping me into getting a career with them and someday I'm hoping to own my very own business also, and I'm also hoping to become one of the best known Animal Trainer's out there, but people like Steve Irwin, Dave Salmoni, Simon King, Johnathan Scott, Jane Goodall, Jack Hanna, Victoria Stilwell, Cesar Millian, Brian Barczyk (SnakeBytesTV), and Jarod Miller have inspired me to work with animals and I'm pretty sure there's plenty more.

"But also before I even decided to become an Animal Trainer, I thought about being a Rapper because I've always loved hip-hop, rap, and even r&b, I write rap songs all the time and sometimes I'll occasionally freestyle but the things that got me to start rapping were my hip-hop heroes, The Godfather's of Rap: "Tupac Amaru Shakur, Eric "Eazy-E" Wright, and of course The Notorious B.I.G" these were the people who inspired me to write rap songs and not only that they're the ones who took rap to another level but it was more of some of my own friends who got me to rap basically they were always coming' up with a new rap song everyday, man it was classic lol, they would even rap some old skool songs like that of 2pac, Outlaws, Eazy-E, N.W.A., Biggie, and many more, and man those were the good ol' days, even though I'm 15 "about to be 16" and that Pac, Eazy, and BIG died when I was a baby they were still and always will be the best rappers of all time, but I just wanted to say that sometimes I still feel like I want to become a rapper someday and I'll never give up that dream and always try my best to become one but for now I will and always keep that dream of working with animals, also if you want to here me rap feel free to check out these links:

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"Also I have one more thing to say before I even thought about working with animals or working in the music business, I always wanted to become a Professional Wrestler since I was so into the WWE and still is even to this day, It use to be called World Wrestling Federation (WWF) now known as World Wrestling Entertainment in case you didn't know, I know WWE is fake and scripted but I am such a huge fan of it, and it really does entertain me, also my favorite wrestlers were Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and The Rock who made WWE what it is today, I wish they never left but I guess the show must goes my new favorite wrestlers of this time around are John Cena (I wish he still had his word life gimmick but oh well), R-Truth (formerly known as K-Kwik), and JTG & Shad Gasphard (formerly known as Cryme Tyme) these guys can wrestle, but The Rock was the main guy who inspired me to wrestler, I loved his funny gimmick, rumors are that The Rock will return sometime in 2010 or 11 and he even said so himself, and I'm so excited to be hearing that. he was suppose to guest host in like mid-january but had to have done that tooth-fairy movie, he had said he wanted to do more than just guest-host but not wrestle, so he could be the GM of Raw, but I guess we'll have to just find out. also I'm not a fan of TNA (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Impact) nor do I watch it but I have a lot of respect for it as I did with WCW (World Championship Wrestling) and ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and I hate to say it but WWE killed ECW or should I say WWECW (World Wrestling Entertainment Championship Wrestling) and TNA is sort of doing the same thing, well I would say there over doing it, TNA just likes to copy storylines off of WWE but that's not the point.

FYI: I just wanted all your opinions to which one of these I should go with, I'm sticky with being an Animal Trainer but sometimes I feel that I still want to become a Wrestler or a Rapper, actually I was just wondering, can I do all these at once like have more than one job such as when I'm not doing WWE I'm either out making music or training animals at my zoo or whatever. if I had my own business...please let me know I hope you all enjoyed this question.

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    I have a similar situation, but I plan to do all three of my goals. I know it'll won't be easy, but well worth it. Wrestling and rap are also two of mines and something artistic related is the third. So my 2 cents is why not go for all three? Btw, you're link goes to youtube's homepage.

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    You should try, I also have a Few Things I want to do when I get a little older

    1. A "Voice-Actor" or "Cartoonist"

    2. A Sports Announcer

    3. A Basketball Player

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