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Looking for a movie.?

It is a comedy and a scene has this boy's mother putting dead bodies in the refrigerator for him. Another scene has a group of hillbillies banding together to get their son back that the mother stole for her son to eat. I think dead bodies also fall out of the cabinets during a dinner party.

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    The Refrigerator (1991) Movie Review

    Written by: skfan

    The Refrigerator is hands down one of the most bizarre and strange horror films I've seen in a long time. Before watching this film I'd thought I had downloaded another low budget cheesy 80's flick were the filmmaker had one day simply looked around his house and tried to think of some household abject that could kill someone. In a way thats exactly what the film is. It's about a killer refrigerator in a New York apartment. The difference is that for starters the film was made in 1991 (from what I can tell it wasn't released on video till '92) and for the most part the filmmakers tried to actually make a serious demonic possession horror film. The film opens with what we find out were the last tenets of a run down apartment being killed by a normal looking old fridge.

    Jump ahead to the two main characters. A young couple that are moving away from home for the first time on their way to the big apple. Once they arrive they end up renting the same apartment that unknown to them it's last tenets died in. The land lord is a fat gross man that seems to know what's going on in the apartment but for some reason instead of just getting rid of the fridge he covers it up and rents the place out to the couple for only two hundred a month. At first Bob and Eileen love the new apartment and make friends with the other people in the building, including a plumber that used to be a dancer and a Gypsy that appears to live in a shack behind the complex. Its the Gypsy that first warns the couple that there is something not normal with their apartment, specifically the fridge but neither pay any attention to her at first. Soon though people start to go missing when they come over to visit including Eileen's mother and a boy that was helping the plumber. Eileen tries to convince Bob to get red of the old refrigerator but he refuses and begins to almost obsess over the fridge. Near the end its revealed that the refrigerator is actually the gateway to hell and has somehow possessed Bob and also possesses almost every other kitchen object including a garbage can in the final showdown.

    If you think that the plot sounds a little far fetched you don't know the half of it. There is also a side plot involving Eileen's disturbed childhood with flash backs to her mother threatening to kill herself if she didn't behave. None of theses extra side plots really make sense or even fit in the movie but they do add to the overall unique feel of the feel. Production wise the film was poor and almost looked like it was shot on VHS, which it could have been or at least low grade film. Although low budget the directing was fine and the director Nicholas Jacobs didn't try to work outside of his budget. Tracking or wide shots were kept down to a minimal and it felt like he understood at least the basic concepts of framing shots and lighting. For almost the entire 90 minutes there really isn't any gore to speak of besides the odd splatter of blood here and there but if you wait for the last five or so minutes its well worth it.

    I got the feeling that in the last moments of the film the crew decided to just go all out because for a film that was so strange and interesting it was pretty dull for the most part but when the garbage can, fans and just about everything else starts to get possessed the blood really flies. Overall if your into strange grade-b horror fun then this is a must-see but that may be a little harder to do then with most films. From what I can tell this film has never been released on DVD but you can pick up used VHS copies on amazon. Like I've said on other reviews films like these are available off of private tracker sites though and if you'd like to get a copy just PM and I can give you the names of sites. Once again though, a very strange but entertaining piece of low budget filmmaking thats well worth the effort in seeking out.

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    You might be thinking of the comedy called My Boyfriend's Back (1993). If I remember right, the mom stores dead bodies for her son to eat in order to keep him alive.

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    No offence but you have screwed up humor.

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