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Fashion cities, big cities, in Ecuador - like hollywood in usa?

What are cities that are know for fashion and stuff, like the Hollywood of Ecuador. or the Paris of Ecuador. Its for a Spanish project

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    Ecuador is a small country. So the cities are really close together. The most popular cities in Ecuador are:

    1) Quito - The capital.

    2) Cuenca - About half an hour from the capital in jet.

    3) Azogues - A popular city in the province of Canar.

    4) Guayaquil - A very popular city in the Province of Guayas and on the coast of the country, with access to the Pacific ocean.

    To answer you question, These are fairly popular cities and the "Hollywood" of Ecuador would probably be Guayaquil, because a lot of shows are hosted there. There is a variety of artists born there and Quito would be the "Paris" of Ecudor, because it has a lot of tourist attractions mainly because it is the capital. but the whole country is beautiful so if I were you I would visit the whole country.

    I hope this helps.

    Source(s): I'm from there((:
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