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Alan R asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

What is the difference between A.K.C. and C.K.C.?

I mean other than one being U.S. based and the other Canada. What are the different requirements for a dog to be registered and why can't a CKC registered dog be registered with the AKC?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Canadian KC dogs ARE eligible for AKC registration under the proper circumstances. CONTINENTAL (the most common C.K.C referred to around here) are NOT eligible for AKC registration as to get ConKC full registration on a dog that was never registered or from an eligible litter I can present them with a few pics a statement saying the dog is purebred(even if its not) and a check and boom registered dog.

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  • 4 years ago

    Because AKC have stricter blood line standards (the parents have to be pure bread boxers as well), and CKC's standards are slightly more laxed, I HAVE heard, that generally speaking, AKC dogs are more likely to be inbred, than CKC. Now this is technically a risk with all Pure break dogs, and I am not trying to imply that any professional breeder would breed a dog with it's sibling, but it is more likely that AKC are bread with 2nd and 3rd cousins. As a result, AKC boxers, though generally looked at as a higher standard, also have a tendency to have a higher risk with latent health issues, ones that may not appear until the puppy is a few years old. I have owned 6 boxers now. The first 4 were AKC. The first one died after being bit by a copperhead. However, the 2nd and 3rd both died from having massive tumors in their necks. They both also had <u>SEVER</u> issues with epilepsy. The 4th boxer had very bad stomach issues, out of the blue, starting when he turned 5. After that I only had CKC boxers, and in general, have had better luck.

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  • Annie
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    10 years ago

    As far as I know a Canadian Kennel club (not Continental kennel club) can be registered with AKC. Plenty of foreign registered dogs are then registered with AKC. The Continental kennel club is an all together different matter -- a trash registery specifically named to confuse people with the Canadian Kennel club

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  • 10 years ago

    The Canadian Kennel Club is a reputable registry. It is the Canadian equivalent of the AKC. Dogs that are CKC reg. can be shown in AKC events and can earn an AKC CH.and AKC dogs can earn their Canadian Ch. and be shown in other CKC venues.

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