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In your own words tell me what is an drug addict? Then give me the definition to addiction? Describe .?

Hi, my name is Ilisha and I'm an addict. At least that what they say in NA. Please give me your definition of an drug addict.

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    It means your addicted to drugs .

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    there is no such thing as an "addict" although it has given rise to a huge industry to deal with them similarly alcoholism is not a "disease" , they are people who take a drug then don't like or can't cope with the unpleasantness they feel as the drug is expelled from their body so they take more, or simply prefer the way they feel when the drug(or alcohol) is active in their body, as all the drugs do is release chemicals that already exist in the body (or brain) clearly you you cannot be addicted to your own body, if a drug existed that introduced a new chemical into your system then theoretically you could become dependent or addicted to that, as with sex currently our pleasure depends 100% on our own stored chemicals being released, as we run out higher and higher doses are needed to release them

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    In my opinion, a drug addict is someone who has lost the self-control to quit using the drug, they think they HAVE to have the drug, they can't live without the drug, the drug controls their life pretty much.

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    A person who cannot resist the "need" for the drug, no matter how badly they "don't" want to take an addict.

    I'm glad that you're able to admit this, and that means that you're able to get help now. If YOU want to, you can and will get off drugs. Good luck to you !!!

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  • someone who believe they can't live without a drug.

    addiction is repeated use of something, or it's when someone overuses a thing. they can't get enough of it.

    everybody has addiction. most it's pop, sugar, coffee, or gum.

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