What do I need to know about Moving from Indiana To Sugarland or Houston Texas?

Hello Texans!!! My husband and I have made up our minds that we will be moving from Indiana to Texas really soon. We planned to move next year (2011), but our last baby is due March 23, 2011. Moved out of our house into a townhome this past May to save up for the move and then we got pregnant. I don't think moving next May is a good idea with a new baby, because some of our savings will have to go toward that. Did I also , mention that we also have a 13 year old, a 4 year old, and a 1 year old!? We are 30 years old, I'm planning to start law school in 2012. I'd love to go to Texas Southern's Thirdgood Marshall School of Law! Most of my work background is in Litigation and law /public safety. My husbands background is law and public saftey (Juvenile Detention). We chose Houston, texas because my hsuband was born there, but was eventually adopted and moved at about 8 years old. He's been trying to get back there ever since. We were there in March of this year (2010) and found his biological family who are really great people and he wants to be close to them. I'm excited about the move becasue I've always lived in Indiana but I've alwasy said I wanted to move to another state. The opportunites here are limited and I'm ready for a whole new lifestyle. I guess my questions are:

Where is the best and most affordable place for us to move to close to Houston without living in Houston?

What neighborhoods or areas are good for us inside Houston?

What should I do to prepare for the move?

What are the pros and cons of moving to Texas?

Is the job market good in Texas; with our backgrounds will we have a good chance of finding good careers?

I want any information, anyone can give me on this move. While I'm really excited, I'm also really scared because this is a huge step for me and my family as all of my family lives right here in Indiana. I do have some relatives in other states but I don't see them very often. My mom, dad, sister, aunts, uncles, grandfather, etc. all live here. My husbands family (adoptive family) are travel bugs. They are all spread out all over the country and they travel alot. The only parts of his family that live in Indiana is him and his parents, and once they are comletely retired, they are moving too, so this is no big deal to him.

Anyway, please let me know anything you can. I appreciate it!!!! Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Katy or The Woodlands are both nice places to live just outside of Houston.

    2. Spend some time in a Turkish bath so you will be used to our Summers (jk). Buy lots of hot weather clothes!

    3. Pros; Low cost of living, great restaurants and cultural events, friendly people. Cons; HOT & HUMID Summers, traffic in the city & long drive times (Houston is over 600 square miles).

    4. Most likely, you will find a good job. We haven't been hit quite as hard here as other places.

    Try to find a place close to where you will be going to school or where your husband will be working.

    Try this site for home hunting (enter ZIP code 77004 for the Texas Southern area) http://www.har.com

    Good luck!!

  • 9 years ago

    I agree try to find a location that is near your work or school to save of travel time. You mentioned Sugar Land. Sugar Land has a very excellent school district (FBISD) for the kids. I would stay away from Houston ISD. Pretty much everything you need is right there. Parks, recreation, sports programs for kids, shopping, medical facilities. Wide variety of prices for homes. Good Luck on your move!!

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