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PSP data corruption, HELP!?

okay i gotta problem with my PSP...

i was playing a game then suddenly it hanged, i decided to take off the battery and put it on back.

when i turned it on, i saw a usual appearance of a game inside the memory card that will like.. back up the whole data. that thing usually appear when the game hanged and i have to put off the battery like now.

but now's different, that sync-program/game thingy won't work. it says the data corrupted.

i was panic and i decided to connect the psp to computer by usb, and i saw the data was still there, no data corrupted. what exactly is going on? how do i fix this?

i cant tell this to my mom, she's now sleeping and now's 10.50 PM no one could help.

anyone, PLEASE HELP ME :(


@harsh: im sorry i don't know what's umd and cfw..

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  • 10 years ago
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    if u have a umd in ur psp then take it out and try or if u dont have it then put one and try

    also if u can tell me what cfw do u use

    then i can provide perhaps more help

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