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Why is Outdoor Recreation under Sports?

It's irritating having to make your way through crap to get to happiness .

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    1) Outdoor Recreation has never been a popular enough topic on Yahoo! Answers to warrant any changes. Go ahead and make a suggestion.

    2) We still have only a few specific categories and everything else left to Other - Outdoor Recreation which is a wasteland of questions about airsoft for some inexplicable reason.

    3) Instead of Firearms & Shooting we only have Hunting.

    4) No Hiking, let alone Backpacking, even though Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in America.

    5) Still, about the name, "Sports" is defined in part by competition of some kind and I've actually found that is what draws many people to "outdoor sports", whether it's riding faster than your friends or training for competition, that's why a lot of people are out there.

    6) Almost everyone else is in competition with themselves, much to their detriment as I'm about to explain.

    7) Civilization is a faulty and destructive mistake and even those of us who attempt to escape it with hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, hunting, sailing and backpacking trips foolishly bring it along with us in the form of competition with oneself.

    8) It behooves every one of us outdoorsmen (and women) to abandon this philosophy and give up. You're not in competition with yourself, you don't have to fight anymore, you can just "be" in the outdoors.

    9) I always thought this sort of philosophy was wrong until I noticed the destruction going on around me that competition has wrought: development, death of biodiversity, out of control population growth, new rules and regulations, new dangers,

    10) and I was out there every day fighting the wilderness, to finish that trail, to get to the end, much to my detriment as I became violently ill on nearly half my trips.

    11) Now I can just relax and get there when I get there because being there, away from the lie of success, away from the the fighting I've always dismissed while unconsciously embracing inside myself, is what's important and nothing else.

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    10 years ago

    According to Papa Hemingway, the only sports are Mountain climbing, bull fighting, big game hunting, and motor racing, and everything else is mere recreation.

    So, the question is, what is all that other stuff doing here?

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