Ahmad Bradshaw, Knowshon Moreno, or Shonn Greene?

I have to choose one of these running backs for my fantasy league. They are playing the following teams:

Ahmad Bradshaw - Colts

Knowshon Moreno - Seahawks

Shonn Greene - Patriots (I dont think this is a good option right now, tell me if I am wrong)

I am leaning towards Bradshaw, what do you think?

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    I would take Bradshaw. No matter which of the 31 teams Indianapolis plays, they all come in with a common goal: run it down their throats and keep Peyton off the field. Bradshaw will see a bigger workload Sunday night than any other game of the year. Take advantage of this and make him your starter. Moreno will have a decent game in his own right but Kyle Orton had a fantastic first game passing without Marshall in the huddle, and with Green and LT splitting the carries, it's tough to give him the start.

  • i have bradshaw and moreno on my team and to be honest i don't like either in this week. bradshaw should have the best week considering Arian foster was able to just tear up that run defense last week of the colts. but, the colts should after that poor display come back out this week ready to stop the run. Bradshaw though should still put up some solid numbers considering he is i feel the best option right now out of those three and he should have a solid year. I like Shonn Greene because i'm a big ten guy and a hardcore Michigan State man. So, I cheer and route for big ten players to do well but against the patriots and with LT still getting some decent touches I think Bradshaw is a good choice. Also, the reason I didn't say Moreno is because I'm not sold on him, and he is now going to split time and touches with the backup Lawrence Maroney. Coach Mcdaniels isn't sold either on Moreno. Lean towards Bradshaw.

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    Go with Moreno he is playing the Hawks your at home and you know what to do Bradshaw put him in two he had ok game but Colts D is bad so try it to

    Shonn Greene is not the started this week LT is the guy now so good luck

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