Brother in christ pls tell me "How do you seek above things colo. 2:1-2? Is it same mt.6:33?

It is telling seek the things except this worldy.but what are the ABOVE things .Please my BROTHER tell the scriptures which shows this truth.Thanks


Sorry for mistaken the verse is colossianse 3:1-2

"If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth" KJV

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    Seeking first the kingdom of God speaks of desiring the very thing that took place in Acts 2:1-2, SEE Romans 14:17 "The kingdom of God is in righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit"

    Seeking the things above where Christ is seated are the things REVEALED to us by the Spirit. Remember, John 16:14-15 The Spirit isn't speaking of Himself;f but is taking the things that belong to Christ , all the letters of Paul is the revelation of Jesus Christ, according to the things that belong to Him.

    If you are blessed with all spiritual blessing in the heavenliest in Christ Eph1:3 you are not going to find them at Disneyland right. But you could be at Disneyland and meet with a situation in which you may need a Word of wisdom or knowledge or a gift of faith or of and for healing.

    The moment you look else where for what isn't impossible, you are not looking UP


    It is true that without the Word from the WORD nothing was ever made that was made, but it is also true the Spirit is the glory and power of God which he also has given to be to and with the Son. The Spirit is to the Son as with the Father, God SAID God MADE.

    In Hebrews 9:14 it says Jesus "who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God"

    John 5: 30 Jesus said; " I can of myself do nothing"

    The apostles had to be endowed with power from on high. Now you can have power but only if Christ is LORD to you. God isn't going to share His power with you bearing your own agenda, But if Christ and His Word is LORD to you than God will empower you. If Jesus isn't your LORD (BOSS) GUESS WHAT? No Power.

    If the active working power of the Spirit is in your life the righteousness of God is being facilitated and you have peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. NOTICE Colossians 1: 8-11 The active working of the Spirit is in you because the Word of the LORD IS YOUR DAILY BREAD. Everything the Word declares is your delight. You are delighting in the LORD, and His Word has first place with you. What He says is the truth, not your feelings not what you say , not what the neighbor's dog says about you but what the LORDS WORD SAYS ABOUT YOU.

    OUR AFFECTION ON THINGS OF THE EARTH ARE NOT THE THINGS WE ARE TO SET OUR AFFECTIONS ON. If Christ truly is LORD the things of the LORD SHOULD BE OUR DELIGHT AND MORTIFYING THE THINGS OF THE FLESH VERSE 5 ARE CUT OFF AS we seek the things above, Notice James 3:17-18 and Galatians 5:22-24 We can look at it this way imputing is deleting. Imputing the things of Christ deletes the things of the world in you.

    Romans 8:28-30 reveal our objective, the Will and Purpose of God.

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    You may be asking about col.3:1-2.

    There it is written that you are died and your life is hidden in Christ. That means you are died and your life is in Christ. Therefore you should not show the nature of the man who is already died. He was selfish. His will was always seeking what is good for his own life. Now your self life is died. Christ died for you when you were selfish. And has shown you what is love. Now you are to be revealed with him in his glory when revealed. Now you are to seek the glory of Christ who is in heaven on the right hand of God. His glory is his very nature.

    When he was on earth he revealed the nature of the Father in heaven.He said to philip: those who have seen me seen the father. Whatever he preached he practised first and then he preached(.Acts.1.1). What is to seek the kingdom of God? Where to seek it? What is the kingdom?

    The kingdom is the place where there is the the rule of the king prevails. That is in our hearts and life. Jesus was the first person to show the kingdom. He had nothing else to seek but the will of the father in everything. He never tried to please any man above that. He never tried to please himself also. Then he taught the very same thing to his disciples. If you fear God you don't have to fear anything. About food or clothing or shelter or job or any earthly need. What make us run after all things? It is our anxiety and worry. Why there is

    anxiety? Because we don't have a loving Father. If we see a loving Father on the throne we never worry. What are earthly things? All earthly worries and anxieties and lusts and hatred and all the endless religious rituals to cover up all these rotten things. What is heavenly things? The love of the Father shown through Christ and the assurance of faith and cleansing we received through his blood.

    We are at rest and no rituals needed now. We are heavenly people. We need to spread the love of the Father shown through Christ to the rest of the world.

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    Yes both verses are talking about the same thing. The kingdom of heaven is spelled out pretty good in the sermon on the mount. If you are seeking after the things of God then that is what you are going to look like. In the kingdom of heaven you would repay evil with good, you would be kind, humble, you know like Jesus is. It has nothing to do with religion, or going to church, it is a heart thing, expressed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • It is not the same.

    In Matt6:33; it is regarding the Jews. The kingdom comes down from heaven unto the nation Israel, and the jews are the rulers of the earth, under the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    That program has today been completely interrupted.

    Today we are building a body of believers, whether they live in Israel, America, Europe, China, or anywhere...set to go to heaven. We are not waiting for a kingdom to come down to earth like the jews in the book of Matthew....

    ...we are waiting for the we can go from the earth, to heaven! A new program has been introduced which began in Acts 9, with the saving of the Apostle Paul. Now sinners everywhere (by God's grace, and God's grace alone) can seek things above and set their affections on things above because that's where we're going by placing their faith (and faith alone) in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ FOR all of our sins! (1 Corinthians 15:1-4)KJV!

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    you are allowed to have worldly things a wife home kids but not at the cost of destroying others lives like world trade this is why i allowed the towers to fall.....

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