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Statues in a Hindu Temple?

I love to go to Hindu temples but dont understand it much. There are so many statues of Gods in Hindu temples. Do you go to each and every God and worship or is it that you go to only one God that you have been assigned in some way? Also I have been to a Kali amman temple which has a very tall pillar like thing erected as soon as you enter. have seen it in a Vishnu temple also. What does that symbolize? Also what does breaking coconuts mean? Is it a way of making a wish?

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    Temple means a place of worship where you can go and devote some time to understand yourself. Statutes are not just statutes, with the trust that they are our god, these statues become very important.

    (Simple funda, if you trust something, or if you have faith in something you can feel it in anyway)

    In Hinduism, every person has his/her ruling god, who takes care of the grahas (planets) and their movements, but every god is inspiring and bowing in front of every god make us feel good and relaxed.

    (It is like, you visit you best friend house and greet everyone in his family with smile)

    Breaking coconut symbolizes giving yourself fully. Long ago, a devotee, just to get the attention of goddess Durga, cut his head and offered it to her. Durga Maa gave him a glimpse live and asked him for a wish, He said that no other devotee would have the courage to cut his head in front of you to get your blessings, and asked for a easy way. Then, Goddess Durga blessed him and said that anyone who would offer coconut in front of me will get the same benefit of cutting his head. That is why people have been offering coconut to god which symbolizes that they have offered themselves.

    Wish, you can make anytime....in reality, God is within you. It is your sub conscious mind.

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    Hindu Temple Statues

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    The statues in a Hindu Temple are just like the statues of Jesus and Mary in churches. The statues are not God, they are there to remind us of The One and Only Supreme. We worship these statues the way we would like to worship God. Therefore we decorate these statues with gold, brocade, flowers, jewellery.

    The tall pillars used to be lit on festive days. They are basically like bell-towers and call for prayer towers in the mosques.

    Breaking coconuts is not for wishing. It is just a ritual. Rituals are based on what is available within the country. India grows a lot of coconut and so this is easily available for prayer.

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    Hindus have a GOD/GODDESS for each aspect in our lives. Example would be Goddess Laxmi is for wealth, Goddess saraswati is for education. We chant mantras specific to our problem, like laxmi goddess mantras for wealth. Offering flowers, coconuts at temples is just a old ritual followed till date by all hindus.

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    We worship all who have helped us even we worship air and water too

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