Bought house only to find out 45 days later that we were on septic tank which does not hold anything Help?

We bought a house, FHA loan and after 45 days t was determined we were on a septic tank that has not been pumped in at least 15 years. The septic tank is bad and needs to be removed. MLS stated we were hooked up to sewer so there was no septic inspection. What can we do now to get the issue resolved?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The tank being pumped or not, or the state of repair probably falls on you. The misrepresentation may be where you have some strength. The law will vary with the state. In MA there are strict septic regulations with mandatory inspections at the sale. Your state may also have some protections -- if not of you then perhaps of the ground water.

    IMO, you need to consult the attorney you used for the transaction. If you didn't have an attorney before, consult one now. The bank attorney may be an ally, if for no other reason than the incorrect appraisal based on the septage situation.

    Good luck, and don't panic. Septic systems are usually repairable.

    Source(s): Vermont and Massachusetts life, and needing to replace a septic system this very year.
  • Darby
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    9 years ago

    Something's not right here--obviously. Call your real estate agent and ask what he/she is going to do about it. Call the health department and tell them and ask them what recourse they think you have. You can't sell a house that essentially is not habitable--your can't live in a house without proper plumbing. I've never heard of a septic tank going bad--inadequate, improper, antiquated maybe, no drain field, maybe, no dry well, maybe. Get a second opinion. Get the tank pumped out and ask them if it can be cleaned and/or have them check to ensure that all the drain lines are open/working. Is the public sewer system available for your house or is the septic system your only option. If public sewer is available, then whoever claimed the house had public sewer has to get it hooked up so it conforms with what was advertised and what you bought. To me, in this case, "let the buyer beware" is irrelevant because you must have a working sewer system in order to live in it. I guess you didn't get the home warranty

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    9 years ago

    Agree with Darby and will also ask the question why the home owner was not aware the house was on a septic system when they bought the house or if they might have noticed that they had not received any sewer invoices. False advertising, seller makes it correct, ie. provide a sewer connection or make a financial settlement with the new buyer or take the house back.

  • 9 years ago

    The tank you have must be really big. I know a lot of people that own houses that have septic tanks and they empty them like every year or before. If the rs nothing wrong with ur septic tank u can just empty it and ur problem is solve. Or just dig another whole big enough so u wont have to be emptying it often.

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  • 9 years ago

    That's why I haven't bought a house yet, because no one is honest including enforcement of law. I would just dig a new hole and put in a new tank and leave the old one in. Have the gas company mark where the gas lines are first. Dig it?

  • 9 years ago

    Lawsuit against previous owner and realtor.

  • 9 years ago

    talk to your lawyer you had for the house

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