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WWE has found it's replacement's, Tell me which one's you agree or disagree on {PG Era}?

- PG Era -

Monday Night RAW:

- Randy Orton {Stone Cold}

- John Cena {The Rock}

- Edge

- Chris Jericho

- Sheamus {Test}

- Triple H

- John Morrison {Shawn Micheals}

- The Miz {Chris Jericho}

- Daniel Bryan {Chris Benoit}

- Evan Bourne {Rob Van Dam}

- Ted DiBiase

- R-Truth

- Wade Barrett

- Justin Gabriel {Jeff Hardy}

- Heath Slater {Edge}

- The Hart Dynasty: David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd

- The Uso’s: Jey & Jimmy Uso

- Zack Ryder {Billy Gunn}

- Yoshi Tatsu {Tajiri}

- William Regal

- Ezekiel Jackson {Ahmed Johnson}

- Primo’

Friday Night SmackDown

- The Undertaker

- Jack Swagger {Kurt Angle}

- Kane

- Rey Mysterio

- CM Punk

- Alberto Del Rio {Eddie Guerrero}

- The Big Show

- Drew McIntyre {Triple H}

- Kofi Kingston {Booker T}

- Dolph Ziggler {Mr. Perfect}

- Kaval

- “Dashing” Cody Rhodes {"Ravishing" Rick Rude}

- Christian

- Matt Hardy

- M.V.P.

- Chavo Guerrero

- S.E.S.(Luke Gallows & Joey Mercury) {Right to Censor}

- The Gatecrashers: Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer

- The Dudebusters: Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta {Edge & Christian}

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    That's probably all right... I would say that John Morrison is a cross between HBK and Jericho though? I think they want to make him the replacement for Jericho, but the Miz is probably more like Jericho character wise.

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    The only things I disagree with are...

    (1) John Morrison doesn't have the charisma or sense of humor that HBK had from day one, and while he has some flashy moves (like that spinning landing off the stage last Monday - that was sick), he doesn't put them together as smoothly or hit them as crisply as Michaels.

    (2) Dudebusters = E & C: I'm not sure that Croft & Barreta are are good and well-rounded as Capt Charisma or the Rated R Superstar, but I don't think it matters since the E doesn't really care about tag team wrestling anymore. I don't think we'll see another E & C, or Hardyz, or Dudleys, etc in WWE. You have to watch TNA or ROH for tag team wrestling now a days.

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    Orton is NOT Stone Cold. Other than a sometimes frosty exterior, they have very different personalities. Stone Cold is a loud, Texas-accented ***-kicker saying whatever the hell he likes. He had attitude oozing from every pore.

    While Orton is hardcore, his demeanor is usually calm and understated. That's his thing. I call him Terminator because of his machine-like movements.

    So if your angle was something like that, I don't agree. If you had other aspects in mind, then disregard my thoughts on that.

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    I agree on pretty much everything..it all looks good to me..great mind man..

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