Is Mitch McConnell as stupid as he sounds?

OK! He says he refused to give middle and poor American tax cuts without the rich getting their billions!!!

But if he won't do anything, EVERYBODY"S taxes go up including his billionaire friends who slip him his gravy Come on Mitch! You're negotiating from a "lose" "lose" position! You've got NOTHING to negotiate with! IMHO. !

Now what he CAN gain is brownie points with his oil, Houston, and Finance billionaires who want him to give a tough show. But that is stupid! When you don't have anything to negotiate with, you're better off picking a fight later you can win, but no one in my home state of Kentucky ever accused Mitch of being a genius! He's just Dumbyah and Duncan's lap dog and I guess lap dogs should be stupidly loyal!


Smarty! Like Jeff Foxworthy says, "there ain't no cure for stupid" and Mitch is acting stupid, IMHO. I have watched him closely and with his pasty skin, shiney see through look, I suspect he has something serious. I'm a health care provider and to me he looks to have something like Parkinson's or Alzheimer s and my friends in KY surely don't need an incompetent representing them. I will tell you that the hill people are smarter than his stubborn irrational actions!

Update 2:

Smarty, my dad was a political manipulator in the hill country and a lot of the "elections" there are simply auction! IMHO

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    McConnell knows his job. He knows what his constituents want, and what they want is for him to obstruct and delay and oppose as long as Obama and the Democrats are in power. Listen to him talk, and everything he says, even his facial expressions and body language say: I'm not going to cooperate one single millimeter with those satanic Democrats. I don't care if the whole country goes to hell. Apparently, that really wows the folks back home.

    I have been to Kentucky, McConnell's home state. I found it a beautiful place with lush forests, cute little towns, and even friendly, outgoing people. Maybe only a small percentage of them vote. The great majority of voters there seem to be backwards-looking folk who dream of going back to the state's halcyon days, before the Civil War. 8^P

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    If you raise taxes on the employers of this nation, during these economic times, the Democrats and 0bama own the consequences.

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