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Michael Vick 4th in the league in rushing yards?

Is Vick that good or are the other RB's in the League that bad?

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    Its a tough league! The RB's are good, but its hard to watch out for a QB like Mike Vick who is jus as fast as a lot of RB's but has one of the strongest, most accurate arms in the league!!

    If you cover pass against him, then he runs the wide-open field! Thats were he gets most of his running yards cause he is so fast in open field.

    And if you cover run (or you blitz) against him then he scrambles around until he either runs or finds an open WR.

    Thats hard to cover!!

    Plus RB's run right up the middle, fightin for every yard, occasionally brakin a big run...

    As where Vick uses his speed to zip to the outside and pick up some big yards.

    Vicks good, but so are the RB's! Its a tough competive league!!

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    dude its bin like that since vick was in the league ( 01) vick if starts could finish with like 700 yards i think he had 1000 in 06 which was a record but hes not gonna be in the top 5 for long

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    When a team is able to prepare for Vick he won't get as many yards. Last week GB was preparing for Kolb. Plus he came in when GB was winning comfortably and playing against long passes, not QB runs

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    Neither. It is a statistical anomaly.

    Anyone can appear on the leaderboard after one game. If Vick is still on the leaderboard after four or five games, that's a different story. But if you look at single game stats, they are usually not a great predictor of where a player ends up.

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    I think Michael Vick should stay with dog fighting thats all hes good at I hate him in the NFL I hope the lions kill em this Sunday.... GO Lions!

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    It's because there has only been one week played. After Week 2 or 3, you'll see what I mean.

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