Any song ideas from a musical for a small group to sing?

We have 7 people

5 girls and 2 guys

Id like something different

trying to stay away from rent, wicked, phantom

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    1 decade ago
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    Sing something from The Mystery of Edwin Drood, a (new) musical I saw in London last summer. The opening number has parts for each of you. The lead, Drood, is SUPPOSED to be played by a woman playing a man; she's an alto in most places. It's a musical of a cast in a theater putting on a play by Charles Dickens (he hadn't WRITTEN it as a play; it was adapted). At the end of the mystery, the author died before saying whodunnit (really) so the audience has to decide. You won't learn the WHOLE musical, but it has a book out of its music (I've learned "Moonfall" and I want to learn to play more). I had bought the book AT the show, but you can order it from somewhere, maybe online.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I, in my view, hated Cats yet memory is marvelous when you're going for emotional. Or Seasons of love from lease, gentle from next to typical, or The music of pink summer time from Spring Awakening.

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