Does anyone know what companies are underwriting parasail insurance anymore?

I had a parasail business in the FL Keys from 2003-2006, and we were insured thru T.L. Dallas, a subsidiary of Lloyds of London. I am considering starting another parasail business, and I contacted TL Dallas inquiring about insurance. They said they no longer underwrite parasail liability insurance, and were unable to refer me to any company that does. Anybody know of any company that still underwrites parasail liability insurance?

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  • CB
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    9 years ago
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    Don't have an answer for you, but why not just talk to another parasail operator and find out who their insurance under writer is? You don't even have to stop in, just google parasail rides and start sending emails. As long as you're not starting up in their area they should share the information with you. Especially if you're as familiar with the business as you claim.

    Good luck with your search..

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