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Unemployment question for state of iowa?

I worked for a company for 3 years and then gave notice my last day would be july 25, and then started july 26 with state of iowa working as a caregive for 5.00 more an hour and full benefits practically free for me and family. However i was fired on august 19 for being late 2 times. I then applied for unemployment and had a fact finding interview on sept 16 since my claim was automatically protested for being fired from most recent employer. HOwever to find out they are not even looking at the place i worked since it was less then so many months, and are lookiing at the job i had for 3 years. I recieved a statement stating my weekly benefits would be 241 a week thru the wages at the company i was at for 4 years. I had my fact finding interview today with that company and said i left for better paying job and benenfits to better my self and family which is good cause to leave through state of iowa. During this interview the agent stated i would qaulify for benefits and the company i worked at for 3 years will NOT be charged anything. but i need to fax a copy of state ment or paystub stating i worked at the new company for 3 to 4 weeks or i would be disqaulified. So where are my unemployment benefits coming from? im confused

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    You should not be eligible for unemployment if you were fired for just cause (which you were, being late). It doesn't matter if you worked at your other job for three years (you quit that job). It sounds like your most recent company would have a valid reason to appeal the decision if they grant you unemployment benefits. If they appeal, then you'll go through a hearing process (either in court or via the phone). If the judge rules in favor of the company, then you'll be required to pay back all benefits received. Unemployment is for individuals who lose their job through no fault of their own, not for individuals who are fired for a reason.

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