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Do politics, fiscal responsibility?

and morals mix? I think not.If you are not a focus person with a large attention span you will not answer this question. You probably already saying "get to the point". A while back I had a job as a tax professional working with my father who was a CPA. I was always excited when I could find some deduction for some people who needed. I used to tell my father that we could use the same loopholes and deductions but he said to me "taxes always return to us, in services for those who need it and infrastructure, and we are not going to starve without it, so if we pay a little more it does not matter our conscience will let us sleep the sleep of the just'. I find that those words were true of everybody I met. Now, I am so ashamed to be in this world, although I still think the same way and act the same way thanks to my upbringing I notice that most have traded their God given conscience for the principles of "debt reduction, fiscal n, credit ratings, financial success and identity theft." The poor and the less fortunate is not thought of by anyone especially for those who are in the position to do so. I do not know how many people are here in YA that have an income over 250 thousands per year but If I was one of those I would say I would not starve without it. I wish the tax cuts end even for us because we would not starve without it. I wish the tax cut was only for those families who earn less than 50 thousand dollars per year. This tax cuts have been in place for more than 5 years and jobs were not created because of them. I do not know how the upper 10% of the population sleeps without a little bother of their conscience. Did their parents think the same way. Did they have different values than these country use to have? Any thoughts, please I encourage long answers my attention span is large.

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    I will try not to strain your attention span too much. First can I say that I live in the UK, therefore my perspective may be a little different than yours. Your Father was right in saying that taxes come back to us, well generally speaking. The problem that we have with tax is that those at the top of the tree can afford to pay accountants to find loop holes and avoid paying tax. In the UK we have a benefits system that gives cash to people who are unable to work because they are disabled or are unable to find work simply because there are no jobs to be had. Add to this that the more children those on benefit payments have, the higher their payments. So you reach a point where a person on benefit payments would be financially worse of if they work. Then of cause there are the Banks who caused the financial crises, were bailed out by the tax payer and are still paying themselves millions in bonuses. Add to this the scandal of the MPs expenses, then sadly my answer has got to be NO. Oh, and to answer the final part of your question. My parents thought along the same line as yours. I am in my sixties so my parents lived in a simpler and , I think a more honest world.

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