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I want my love back. what should i do?

to be frank, i cheated my boy 2 years back. I used to meet another guy when in relation with him. I was kind of physically related to the another guy(not sex). very soon i realized my mistake, i felt guilty and since 2 yrs i am trying to win his trust back. now after so many days when we have s_x, i do not get much satisfied as before. i know the reason, its due to too much s_x. But he thinks this is because i had sex with the another guy. These 2 years i have sacrificed a lot for him. i have done each and every thing i could do to make him happy, i do whatever he says, i want to make him realize that i really love him, n would never ever repeat my mistake. He behaves very rudely with me,he shows he doesn't love me(i know he does), he insults me all the time.God knows, he is so much important in my life n i love him so much. so why is God so unfair to me? I mean, he punished me when i was wrong, but i have changed so much now, and i know this very well that i have become a better person now, then why doesn't he brings back my love to me? why is he not giving a second chance to me? am i not his child as others are?

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    This is pretty personal. To be honest, I'd break up with him. Tell him that you don't want to feel this way anymore, because unless you want that to define your relationship, you have to make it clear that he can't keep treating you that way anymore. And your confirmation that it's the right decision is if he turns it around on you. It is your fault, and I'm sure you won't ever forget that, but you can't live underneath it for the rest of your life. And the person who means that much to you can't want that for you either. If it's meant to be, maybe it will work out, but if not, and I really hate to say this, you kind of brought it on yourself, and it might be more than can be reconciled with that person. You probably shouldn't continue to make such a critical relationship in your life that negative though. You're surrounding yourself with things that will likely eventually make you depressed and unable to move on and recover from your mistake.

    Also, I know this is brutally honest too, but it sounds like you might need to work on your relationship with whatever God you believe in. If you're intellectual and read the Bible, try Job, not just the story line, but the whole thing. If you're more spiritual, get a journal and really honestly try to figure out what he's trying to communicate to you, because I'm fairly certain most people believe in a God who is ultimately just, so if you feel like that's not the case, you might be missing the real point. Maybe he wants you to put yourself or your spirituality above this guy on your priority list.

    Seriously though, it would be so refreshing to get a new start and really define who you are as a person and find some confidence in that, which you can't do with people holding you back.

  • What you should do is express the circumstance to him and why you did it and tell him the flaws he had done for you to do so. In a relationship a lot of attention is needed, the best thing for you to do then was just to break up with him. Your happiness should come first and it doesnt matter what your current bf thinks. He made his own mistakes and didn't correct or did her ask what he was doing wrong. You should move on and talk to new people maybe make a friendship out of this

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    You can't just forgive a person because they say they've changed. It takes A LOT of time. And after two years, if he's not showing that he loves you then maybe he doesn't anymore. Move on.

    God is not to blame. There needs to be bad before there can be good and sometimes, things just aren't worth the attention. If he sees it as a lost cause then he's helping you by making sure you don't waste any more time with this boy.

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    Once broken is difficult to bring back to its original position. Better you forget the past and go ahead along with your plan for future life with somebody else. Or else, another break-down will be imminent in the near future.

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    I dnt know how can i help u in this....but I am really touched by this be honest aftr my gf ditched me, i developed a bit of hatred for grls who does these things.....but ur story is making me feel bad, frst time for a grl..........I really wish u get what u want.........god bless u!!!!!!!!

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    No one punishes you except yourself

    stop trying to please him or anyone else - just make yourself happy - that is what life is all about

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