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if marijuana becomes legal in California, how would this impact society?

would marijuana be more socially acceptable (like alcohol and tobacco)?

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    .Yes, There is no existing evidence of anyone dying of a marijuana overdose. There is some evidence that marijuana is useful in treating some forms of epilepsy and spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis. Some studies show that marijuana is effective for some patients in relieving nausea caused by cancer and chemotherapy. There is evidence that marijuana may improve the appetite and help patients gain weight. This could be lifesaving for AIDS patients who develop wasting , a severe weight-loss condition. Smoking marijuana is effective in lowering pressure inside the eyeballs of some patients with glaucoma.

    The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. A very large portion of people who are incarcerated are imprisoned for drug-related crimes. In 1994, it was reported that the "War on Drugs" results in the incarceration of one million Americans each year. Of the related drug arrests, about 225,000 are for possession of cannabis, the fourth most common cause of arrest in the United States. In 2008, 1.5 million Americans were arrested for drug offenses. 500,000 were imprisoned. Marijuana constitutes almost half of all drug arrests, and between 1990–2002, out of the overall drug arrests, 82% of the increase was for marijuana.

    In the year 2000, the United States drug-control budget reached 18.4 billion dollars, nearly half of which was spent financing law enforcement. A 2008 study by Harvard economist Jeffrey A. Miron has estimated that legalizing drugs would inject $76.8 billion a year into the U.S. economy $44.1 billion from law enforcement savings, and at least $32.7 billion in tax revenue ($6.7 billion from marijuana, remainder from other drugs). Recent surveys help to confirm the consensus among economists to reform drug policy in the direction of decriminalization and legalization

    Marijuana is psychoactive because it stimulates certain brain receptors, but it does not produce toxins that kill them (like alcohol), and it does not wear them out as other drugs may. Studies performed on actual human populations will confirm these results, even for chronic marijuana users (up to 18 joints per day) after many years of use. In fact, following the publication of two 1977 JAMA studies, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially announced its support for the decriminalization of marijuana. In reality, marijuana has the effect of slightly increasing alpha-wave activity in your brain. Alpha waves are generally associated with meditative and relaxed states, which are, in turn, often associated with human creativity.

    Researchers from Hartford Hospital in Connecticut and the University of Iowa had 85 subjects participate in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial where they were tested on a driving simulator before and 30 minutes after smoking a marijuana cigarette.The researchers found there were no differences between the performance of marijuana smokers and those who were given a placebo in either the simulator's baseline driving segment or its collision-avoidance scenarios. In fact, the only difference between the two groups was that the subjects who got the real stuff were more likely to decrease their speed during certain parts of the simulation.

    On August 21, 2009, Mexico decriminalized "personal use" possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana

    * A July 13, 2007, decision in Ontario Provincial court has ruled that criminal possession laws for cannabis are unconstitutional (R. v. Long).

    Possession of cannabis is not illegal in Canada according to Justice Edmonson of the Ontario Court of Justice in R. v. Bodnar/Hall/Spasic - "there is no offence known to law which the accused have committed."

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    Hell, it's already more acceptable than tobacco. Try smoking a cigarette in Berkley. There would be alot of really slow drivers.

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    New laws smoking and driving would be the same as drinking and driving you drink, you drive you lose, /you smoke, you drive, you lose duh you can smoke on the streets as long as you keep in in a brown paper bag Inter lock ignitions would have to be modified before the engine on the vehicle would start, here dude, blow into this now blow into the other one one for alchol the other for smoke

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    No cos lots of people would be high.

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