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Can i still be a pilot?

I'm a freshman in college and I'm on track to major in Civil Engineering. I'm in the AFROTC program. I leave for basic in March and get back in October 2011. Which means I'll have to take a year off from school to do this.

I'll be in the AF Reserves until I become a junior in college when I'll sign again with the real AF, and once I graduate I'll become active.

When in the AF Reserves, my job will be Structural Engineering. So Basically I'll have all this training in the field of Engineering.

But when I become active I DONT want to be an engineer. I want to be a pilot.

My question is, will the AF make me be an engineer, or will I have a voice in my job and get a chance at being a pilot.

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    You will have a voice but flight school slots are quite competitive in Afrotc and the needs of the Air Force come first. If you want to be a pilot then it might be a good idea to consider choosing a major that will allow a high GPA and is not an area that the Air Force has a critical need. Since it was stated on th Afrotc website that environmental engineering was eligible for non competitive express scholarships until about a month ago, and since civil/environmental engineering are technical majors and environmental engineering is eligible for Type 1 scholarships and in numerous programs the name civil engineering has been replaced with the name environmental engineering, it is a fairly good indication that civil/environmental engineering is a specialty in critical supply.

    GPA(20%)and RSS(50%) based on the Commander's ranking make up 70% of the order of merit score. If civil engineering is harder to pull a high Gpa than another major, that will directly impact the score and if a Cadet is majoring in a critical field that may impact the Commander's ranking of a Cadet wanting a Pilot's slot. Read the blue box at the right hand margin of the following link about halfway down the page:

    I am not convinced the enlisted training will have much of an effect for someone who is going to have a degree in Civil Engineering since the job of a civil engineering officer and an enlisted airman with training in structural engineering are going to be quite different. It would be nice if a civil engineer knew carpentry and how to mix cement but I don't think it is going to significantly affect his job performance as a civil engineer. If the desire is to be a pilot, flight school slots are much less competitive in Nrotc, Navy or Marine Option, or through the Plc. Those who qualify usually earn a slot. Also an eight year commitment following earning one's wings compared to a ten year commitment for the Air Force. The Air Force assigns 500 flight school slots to the Air Force Academy and 500 flight school slots to Afrotc; however around 1,000 2nd Lts commission each year through the Academy while over 2,000 commission through Afrotc. Most years any Academy Cadet who ants a flight school slot and qualifies gets one while Afrotc Cadets compete for slots. The Marines will guarantee a flight school slot to Nrotc Mo Mids and Plc Candidates who qualify as early as freshman year of college.

    Good Luck!

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    If you qualify physically for pilot training and pass some tests, and there is room for pilot trainees, and, etc. etc., you can still be a pilot. I had a brother-in-law in the Air Force with a degree in Political Science--he bacame a pilot. But don't take my word for it, talk to your recruiter or another officer.

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    you are not being clear enough to answer this question: did you want the air force to pay for the training, or did you want to mitigate the costs by learning to fly through the aeroclub on base?

    either way, you are going to be a pilot. I am guessing you want to be an Air force pilot, with a potential to fly Fighter aircraft? then see first answer.

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