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Do you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics is suggesting that American doctors be given permission to?

from these cultures (African and Asian cultures – read that moslem) if it would keep their families from sending them overseas for the full circumcision.

How do you feel about female circumcision?

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    Actually, they withdrew their recommendation about a week after they made it due to public outrage:

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    I understand that some cultures do circumcise females but that isn't right to try to stop those females form having sex until they get married it isn't right females are beautiful and have beautiful bodies from the begining why alter there appearance down there by circumcising them I understand with males as far as cleaniness and as far as retracting the foreskin but I don't understand why they circumcise females for .

    I think the United States lets way to many people in this country and then they make them US. citizens after they have lived here for 5 years they should stay in there own countrys and let the United States conctrate on fixing up the United States instead of having so many wars and that is why this country is in debt is all from when George Bush started the war after 911 I understand he was trying to defend America but there would of been otheer ways to do that I think .

    female circumcision is wrong .

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    Female Genital Mutilation should be outlawed worldwide. People have their body parts for a reason and young girls should not be violated in this way. I'm in the UK, and people are fighting against this. Any online or other protest movement where you are?

  • It's against the law here for a reason. It's mutilation & uncalled for. Just because the men are so insecure. Selfish really

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