Why are NYpost's journalist stupid?

They wrote about this Priest who molested kids and put on his/her report "a Pastor"?

Is he stupid or is he trying to bash Pastors or what?

Why do NYpost employ this stupid jerknalist?

You should call him a Priest because he is a Priest from a catholic church.

A Pastor is not a priest you moron...Pastor is only a term for the preacher but he is not a priest...


@ Writer B

Well thats exactly what Im saying, the journalist didnt even know if indeed he was the Pastor, but as far as I know he is only a priest, he is not the Pastor...dont you get it?

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    Dictionary definition of a pastor: "a person, as a priest or minister, in spiritual and jurisdictional charge of a parish, church, congregation or community."

    In other words, yes, a priest can be a pastor. If a priest is the person in charge of a church, he is the church's pastor.

    Not all Catholic priests are pastors, but those who are in charge of a church are.

    So I'd have to say that your criticisms are wrong, because you apparently misunderstood the meaning of the word.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First you say that "a pastor is not a priest you moron. Pastor is only a term for the preacher." That's wrong, because someone gave you the definition of the word pastor. So then you accuse the journalist of not having his facts right. Why should we believe you, when you don't even know the meaning of the word you're ranting about?

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    I feel your pain, D.H.

    But nowadays you cannot limit journalist's stupidity to the N.Y. Post.

    Believe me, the disease is rampant throughout the world, but especially in America. (and I'm an American)

    Time was, long ago, when a journalist's job was to report the facts. Period! He/She was not supposed to write an editorial, with his/her opinion.....or to slant the news in one direction or another, to promote the position of the newspaper's owner.

    Aside from that, I would guess, that there are many people (myself included) who don't know the difference between a pastor or a priest; you could chalk that up to just a mistake.

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    An individual priest or a corporate person (religious order or community) to whom a parish has been entrusted by a bishop, with the rights and responsibilities conferred by canon law and the statutes of the dioceses. (Etym. Latin pastor, shepherd; literally, feeder.)

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  • lowjoy
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    Over a lot of years it has been well known that the Catholic faith was run by corrupt Priests who did nothing else but destroy girls lives from a very early age. My friend was a victim, and when I found out having caught him in her bedroom, I picked a book up and clobbered it on top of his head. I said I was going to report him to the Police , which I did and he got sent to Prison, not only for that but also taking all the Mothers money from her purse, and left her with nothing. He had been telling my friend that this is what the Lord wanted her to do and she must follow his orders. She ended up in the Hospital as she was damaged very badly with it seems several men that he had brought to the house. They did not care that she was so young. She then came to live with us, and when she was eighteen joined the Air Force, and became a very good Officer with many commendations, but I only saw her once when she was on leave, and when she saw me after a good any years, she stood and saluted me... I broke into tears. and her words were... Thanks for everything.....

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