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Answer all short essay questions in paragraph form (5-7 sentences). This will require internet research.

1. What attracts businesses to the greater Washington area?

Greater Washington is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States; it is continuing to attract businesses highly skilled workers from all over the world. Along with the population, affluence has grown. The region boasts one of the highest median family incomes in the country. There are lots of jobs and lots of people for the jobs. We are close to the government and it is easy for the contractors to be working there, better opportunity education.

2. What do you think adults can learn from teenagers (technology, business, etc.)?

Currently, older people have enough to learn from young people in particular to the advancement of technology. In these times, techniques have developed rapidly, particularly in regard to computers. Young people have greater opportunities to learn the current teachings that are given in high schools and colleges. They could learn to have patients, what we buy at stores they will have in stocks, technology, use computers and iPods, etc., we text, facebook, twitter, myspace, skype, and Youtube because they can promote their business and spread.

3. Why is the greater Washington area an amazing place to live and work?

I think to live because they have some advantage to take the metro bus and that could make it easy for the people that don’t drive and other people work there and it is closer to their work. It is a big place to live and work. There are so many beautiful apartments but they are kind of expensive. People pay because it is worth getting a job and it has some advantages. There is also security in Washington and have good schools, good paying jobs, great environment, etc.

4. What are some attractions within the area?

Lincoln Memorial, Nation Air and Space Museum, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, US Capitol Building, Washington National Cathedral, Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, National Mall, Library of Congress, International Spy Museum, National Gallery of Art, National World War II Memorial, The National Archives, The White House, Pentagon and many more.

5. Why is DC such an important component within the United States? (Do not say because the capital is here)?

DC is very important because it is mostly a political place with huge services in economy. DC has Politicians, Lawyers, Doctors, and Educators who give DC a particular impact on the nation.

On the other hand, the Supreme Court is located in DC and here all the federal laws are promulgated. These laws define the life of the entire country.

DC is also a huge center of learning, only New York, London, and Paris are bigger than DC in this sense.

6. Why are companies partnering and sponsoring school districts?

Education is a permanent way for donate dollars in America. These days, many corporations and foundations are interested in partnering with local schools and school districts to fund athletic programs, computers and software equipment, arts, music and drama programs. Many corporations are giving dollars to sponsor public events in schools because it is a way to gain visibility and credibility and as a way to showcase their products. Throughout the schools and at all sport events. It looks good and persuade children to do good. People want to promote their business.

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    Here is a sample from your writing:

    I. Greater Washington area

    A. One of fastest growing areas

    1. attracts businesses

    2. attracts highly skilled workers

    B. Results

    1. high median income

    2. 'affluence' for residents

    C. Provides opportunities

    1. employment for contractors

    2. educational

    II. Things adults can learn from teenagers





    One other note-patients are people needed medical care, patience is something I need a lot of to answer my students' questions all day.

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