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Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 57 (Rate the Show) + WQ Inside?

Friday Night SmackDown! Episode 56:;_ylt=Amh5Y...

* A Video Shows of the Eddi Guerrero Tribute Show on RAW this past Monday Night. As all the RAW Superstars remembered Eddie in there rememberence videos. Also a night of good match ups which saw Chris Benoit defeat. Triple H, Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio losing to Carlito and Chris Masters, Edge and Shawn Michaels winning against Batista and JBL and also John Cena defeating Randy Orton.

* The SmackDown! Superstars are out and remember Eddie Guerrero with their respects to Eddie at the start of the show. We then go to Michael Cole and Tazz who'm preview the show tonight:

* STREET FIGHT: World Heavyweight Champion Batista (SmackDown!) vs. Edge (RAW)

* WWE Tag Team Championship: MNM (c) vs. Legion of Doom

* Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Benoit

* John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Chavo Guerrero

* General Manager Theodore Long announce's new SmackDown! Team Member


* We come back from the break and the General Manager of SmackDown! Theodore Long and UPN Network Executive Palmer Cannon are in the ring. Theodore Long announces that Randy Orton is the new replacement for Team SmackDown!, Orton says "With me now on the team, Raw will have no chance of winning at Survivor Series!"

* WWE Tag Team Championship

MNM (c) (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury) w/Melina defeated. Legion of Doom (Road Warrior Animal and Heidenriech): 11:46

* MNM won after Chad and James (The *****) interfered and cost Legion of Doom their shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships.

* World Heavyweight Champion Batista remembers Eddie Guerrero in a video shown.


* Chavo Guerrero comes out and says "After this match I will... I retire from Pro Wrestling, also Eddie (points up to the heavens) and says This match is for you Eddie!"

* John "Bradshaw" Layfield w/Jillian Hall defeated. Chavo Guerrero

JBL wins after a clothesline from hell and then after the Match Chavo gets cheered off by the fans and competes in his last match.

* A Video Showing fans to go to to buy all the merchandise from

* Rey Mysterio defeated. Mr. Kennedy: 14:06

Mysterio won after a 619, Mysterio had dedicated this match to Eddie Guerrero.

After though Carlito and Chris Masters came out from RAW and attacked Mysterio sending a message to Team SmackDown! then after Matt Hardy came out to helo Rey to his feet.


* Chris Benoit defeated. Bobby Lashley: 17:34

Benoit won after a diving headbutt to Lashley for the win in a great match up.

After the match the United States Champion Booker T came out and hit Benoit but then Bneoit got the upper hand delivering some chops to Booker T's chest.

* Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit remember Eddie Guerrero.

* Simon Dean comes out and says "Last week, the ... the Boogeyman wanted to get some of Simon Dean well, Boogeyman you can't because Iwill never give any of my Simon System products to you" The Boogyeman then comes out and spooks Simon Dean with worms.

* Kristal Marshall interviews Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy about the attacks by the RAW Superstars Carlito and Chris Masters.


* Survivor Series Advertisement:

Youtube thumbnail

* General Manager of RAW Eric Bischoff makes a suprise appearence on SmackDown1 in the parking lot but then Security and General Manager of SmackDown! Theodore Long tell Bischsoff to leave before the is trouble.

* World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Edge in a Street Fight: No Contest the match never started due to Footage show:

* Theodore Long asks Eric Bischsoff to leave for the second time but then Chris Masters applies the Master lock and then Masters, Carlito and Bischoff leave in their limo before the Rest of Team SmackDown!! (JBL, Lashley, Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Randy Orton) come out to help Teddy, the SmackDown! Team head into JBL's limo and chace after Eric Bischoff, Masters and Carlito in an old fashion chace.

* Meanwhile World Heavywweight Champion Batista is left with Edge and he wants Edge but then The World Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane come out and demolish Batista even the SmackDown! Jobbers were not enough for Big Show and Kane, with the World Tag Team Champions, taking the heart out of the SmackDown! leader. Kane and Big Show even get help from the rest of the RAW Superstars too which results in a brawl between the Lockerooms of both brands to end the show. Kane and Big Show then chokeslam Batista through the Announcing table to end the show.


Best/Worst Match:

Best Promo:


Year Base: Late 2005

WQ: Why are WWE Trying to make Michael Cole heel (what's the point)?



- 6 on 6 Elmination Tag Team Match

Team SmackDown! (Batista, Rey Mysterio, Lashley, Matt Hardy, JBL and Randy Orton) vs. Team RAW (Shawn Michaels, Edge, Chris Masters, Carlito, Kane and The Big Show)

- Last Man Standing Match

Triple H vs. Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair

- WWE Championship

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

- Women's Championship

Melina (SD!) vs. Trish Stratus(c) (Raw)

- General Manager vs. General Manager

Eric Bischoff (RAW) vs. Theodore Long (SmackDown!)

More matches to be announced


* Sylvan defeated. Stevie Richards

* Mr. Kennedy defeated. Hardcore Holly

* Cruiserweight Champion Nunzio defeated. Psicosis

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    WQ: Michael Cole is a douchebag, Heel or Face!

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    Rating 8.2/10 Best match Batista vs. Christian Worst match Opinion you had a great show Vito vs. Supercrazy

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    hard x core

    wq: because they can, they control the show.

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