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How can I fix this steam cleaner?

I know the correct answer is shooting it 500 feet in the air and blowing it up with a hellfire missile but I have bedbugs.

It won't shoot hot air out the end, something got broke inside when it was knocked over. It starts leaking steam out the input when it really gets superpressured. There's a button on the handle to let the steam out, and the unit audibly clicks when you switch it, but still nothing. Is something blocking it that I could possibly remove myself so maybe it's just on all the time?

I'm not sure how to proceed or what might be wrong?

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  • Rob G
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    10 years ago
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    The steam nozzle orifice is clogged with mineral deposits that are dissolved in the water you are using.

    Take a small amount of muriatic acid and let it soak in the streamer for a while, then dump that down the drain.

    make a second batch of acid/ water solution, and heat the unit for a short period of time and work the trigger back and forth a few times, this should get enough steam going through the nozzle to clear it and dissolve the deposits in the nozzle.

    The best way to avoid this problem is to use only distilled water. the dissolved solids are not in distilled water.

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  • smokey
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    10 years ago

    the only thing you can do is open it up and look for a broken fitting.

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