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How do I go about getting medication for social anxiety?

I don't even know where to begin to look. I work part-time, still live at home, don't have health insurance or a family doctor, but I desperately need medication for social anxiety. I get nervous just walking down the street, for example, or talking to a cashier. I've tried herbs from the grocery store like Valerian Root, they haven't helped.

How do I go about finding an inexpensive medication, or getting a doctor to write me a prescription for one?

Thank you.

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    Imo, you are much better off getting self-help books from the library or looking up self-help advice online on how to deal with shyness than you are getting medications. antidepressants turn out they were approved by the FDA under false pretenses (google antidepressants placebo kirsch). the drug companies jiggered the data and suppressed the studies that showed bad results in order to get 2 studies showing their drugs worked a bit better than a sugar pill. benzos are really addictive and only work for a few weeks or months, and you get ever-increasing tolerance to them & will have to go thru withdrawal when they finally stop working. or else start abusing them. I'll give you my story, for what it's worth.

    Social anxiety is really just shyness. The term social anxiety disorder used to be reserved for people with the most severe problems. After the drug companies marketed their antidepressants for this problem, the definition expanded, so now people who are just shy are taking pills for something folks used to LEARN how to deal with.

    My teachers thought I was mentally retarded in first grade, and again in 4th grade, because I never spoke. So you can conclude I was pretty darned shy.

    Here's what I did to overcome shyness. I did a couple of plays in junior high school, debate and speech in high school, lectored at my very large catholic church in college, and ran a club of 200 people where I regularly had to get up in front of about 50 people at monthly meetings. I coached debate. I went to graduate school and was a TA for labs of about 20 students. I faked it until I made it - people can't tell I'm shy anymore, and in fact, I am much less shy.

    So find some activities where you have to FORCE yourself to speak up, and then DO it, no matter how afraid you are. Truth is, most people are terrified of speaking up in groups. I was a high school debate coach - most of those kids of mine were terrified!! Also do some confidence building things. For me, a HUGE confidence builder was camping out under the stars in Minnesota in January - it was 20 below zero F. I froze my buns off & didn't get a lot of sleep, but hey! I did it! I feel like if I could do that, i could do anything. Competitive extracurriculars are big confidence builders too.

    "social anxiety" is a kind of phobia - and there are 2 ways to deal with a phobia - gradual desensitization, where you gradually expose yourself to more and more intense situations, but start off easy, or "flooding" where you jump right in with both feet, which is what I did. You can only be terrified for an hour or two, then you run out of adrenaline and calm down quite a bit.

    all the best to you! You have to screw up your courage and face your fear - that is what a phobia is, when a person avoids the situation or object that they are afraid of. COURAGE - that's the ticket, and then it will get easier as you keep practicing. It's ok to be afraid.

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    Anxiety pills are LITERALLY placebos. Body chemistry is a result of anxiety NOT the cause. The only thing I would advise (all else is a lie) is to stop building a definition for what anxiety is for you. Anxiety relies on a billion little variables holding it up. Break those legs will bring the table down. Basically what I mean is that anxiety applies to you because you created the variables that keep it up. Anxiety is just a word, it's not what you are looking at. The harder this seems the easier it is. Changing your mind about something is the easiest thing you can do and the most powerful. When I listen to people say they have anxiety I feel like I just want to shake them violently and say "NO you aren't, and if you are then so what! Big fukcing deal." I want to challenge people on what they think they know because it's so easy to expose things that "means" something. Nobody is mad or sad or sober or high or sane or insane. People aren't anything, stop being. The problem with the pills isn't that they aren't natural but that you "need" them. Natural or unnatural it's the same thing. Healthy foods make a happy body

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    Yeah a psychiatrist is your best bet, but without insurance that's probably not an option. Is there any type of free clinic program where you live? A lot of meds have a patient assistance program too if you can't afford it. Check the manufacturer websites to see what you can find.

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    Overcome Social Anxiety And Shyness - http://tinyurl.com/phwVjvYRER

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    Doctor is pretty much the only option if you want medication.

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    A psychiatrist prescribes those medications.

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    there r so many medical insurance co, who can help u........................

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