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history help please thnka?

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History help please???? US history?

1. prior to 1850 what was the main reason the north developed an economyions increasingly based on manufacturing while the south continued to rely on an economy based on agriculture?

a. protective tariffs applied only to nothern seaports.

b. geographics conditions supported different types of economic activity.

c. slavery in the north promoted rapid economic growth

d. manufacturers failed to make a profit in the south.

2. THe declaration of sentiments adopted during the seneca falls convention in 1848 is most closely associated with the rights of?

a. immigrants.

b enslaved persons.

c.native american indians.

d women.

3. in the late 1800s the creation of the standard oil trust by john d rockefeller was inteded to?

a. Protect small independent oil firms.

b. controol prices and practies in the oil refining business.

c. increase compeition among oil refining companies.

d. distribut donations to charitable causes.

4. passage of the dawes act of 1887 affected native american indians by?

a. supporting their culturals traditions

b.attempting to assimilate them into mainstreaming american culture

c.forcing their removal from areas east of the misssissippi river.

d. starting a series of indian war on the great plains

5/ THe changes in american agriculture during the late 1800s led farmers to?

a. grow fewer cash crops for export

b.request an end to agricultural tarriffs

c.demand a reduced role for government in agiculture

d. become more dependent on banks and railroads.

6. the supreme court cases of wabash, stlouis and pacific rr v illnoise (1886) and us v ec knight co. (1895) were based on laws that were intended to?

a. limit the power of big business

b. support famers efforts to increase the money supply

c, mantian a laissez faire approach to the economy

d. improve working conditions for immigrants.

7. the spanish american war ((1898) marked the turning point in the us foreign policy because the us?

a. developed a plan for peaceful coexistence

b. emerged as a major world power.

c.pledged neutrality in future european conflits

d. refused to become a colinial power

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